As the recession lingers many people are forced to consider alternative forms of income. Since many lending institutions are playing it safe by taking a "wait and see approach" in doling out the beans for home and business loans, many entrepreneurs are getting resourceful and are beginning to think outside of the box. In many cases MLM opportunities are just what the doctor ordered. Network Marketing isn't a new concept, but it is becoming a viable option for many stuck in a cash strapped economy. For the entrepreneur MLM opportunities offer the chance to get into business cheap and bypass the bank in the process. So what are the aspects to consider if you are thinking about getting into an MLM?

1. There are many reasons Why network marketing is a good option in a bad economy, but the number one reason is bang for the buck. You can get into most MLM opportunities for around $500 dollars. Compared to traditional business startup costs, that is a cheap buy in. On top of this, you are working at home and can eliminate up to 90% of the overhead you might incur in a traditional business. Also, in most MLM companies, you don't have large inventory commitments. If you have inventory at all you are consuming it and that's essentially a cost you would spend on yourself at the grocery or department store anyway. The inventory that you do sell in an MLM is usually housed somewhere else and is shipped directly to your customers or business partners. No warehouse or showroom needed.

2. How and Where to find the right MLM to start with is tricky, but if you do a little research it can be easy. The internet is a great place to start. Start by looking on search engines and look for articles and/or marketers whose names keep coming up. Many MLM companies have reviews out there and often you can find groups and MLM forums that will allow you a place to read what real people are saying about their experiences in various MLMs. Many of these groups can be found on social networking sites like Youtube and Myspace. Another way to find out about what MLM opportunities are available in your town, is to ask your friends who they have been approached by. Odds are they have been approached by several MLM opportunities in the last couple of years.

3. What to consider when choosing an MLM opportunity. First, consider an opportunity that you can be passionate about. If you don't believe in the products, no one else will believe in you either. You are selling yourself first and foremost. If you don't believe or use the products you are selling you will wear it like a bad suit. Realistically, it doesn't matter which MLM you represent, if you don't understand that you are selling yourself and the fact that you are in the people business. People aren't going to be attracted to your MLM if they aren't attracted to you.

4. Who you join is probably the most important aspect in your decision to join an MLM company. Not just who in terms of who is behind the MLM itself, but who you can learn from while you are building your business. I was lucky enough to join the top producing team in the country in my MLM company, but that was blind luck and you know what they say about blind squirrels right? If you can join a local MLM opportunity whose members are producing at a high level and whose leaders can mentor and support you directly, that is a recipe for success. Having a great up-line in your company is like having employees that you don't have to pay. They are there for you and they help you succeed.

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