Hi, I have become increasingly annoyed with this worlds one-way thinking so I have joined this website. When people think of a goal they constantly try to reach it with ridiculous methods thus our collective ignorance. Now eventually I will go into more detail on specific ways of strategizing but for this article I will only state basics. No matter what the goal is a method of using small scale goals can be less daunting if you wanna build things you don't just go out and build a house you must first study the craft. I find it more effective to place in steps: try to build something small and study then you would go to larger scale models and would still have to learn electrical wiring, mechanics, pricing, wood cutting, and business in order to design and build a house (that was just an example of what I mean) All in all I would place the example in about 8 basic steps. I will now show you what I mean.

1. State the topic.

2. Try it.

3. This one no one else says but read your personality and see your odds of succeeding.

4. Practice everyone will say that but it is still true.

5. This one does not always apply however if you wanna be an artist architect musician etc. Don't blame low grade tools work with what you have and don't make excuses.

6. Stick with it for 2-3 years if you can you must be serious.

7. Congrats if you made it here it is now safe to study what you want and not waste time take time polishing up your skills and get ready for the real world.

8. Make it a career or a hobby ( depending on your goal) Now about what I said a about personality reading just look an your failures and successes and assign a chance of success. Example dropped out on high school steady income lives with parents at 23.

Of course most people would have a list of around 20 but this just an example of my method one good thing the income and two bad dropping out and living with parents at 23 that's 1-2=-1 so -1 now if you had 3 I would say you need a 1 or more for good chances so with ten you need 4 or more and with 20 you need 9 basically with anything with ten or more items needs about 45% success but even without a good number determination yields success. I may go into more personality reading later. Before I finish I just wanna say that this an opinion article only and I don't mean to offend anyone this article is for information use only and no more and I don't mind it's use anywhere just give me credit thanks for reading.

Until next time Stay frosty. By Haydrn Hart

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