She is deeply spiritual, immensely intellectual, incredibly rational, visibly calm and strikingly humble. She states the law of entropy in the same breath as she can explain the law of karma. She is as spot-on and tuned in with the times as one can possibly be. Widely travelled and fondly loved, this amazing person has transcended all geographic, cultural, political and religious barriers. She listens to her heart and speaks her mind. And when she speaks, the world marvels at her wisdom and word arsenal. Attention and admiration however do not mean a thing to her; they don't even scratch the surface. She takes no credit for the awards, accolades and the celebrity status conferred on her, as she operates at such a high degree of instrument-consciousness - of being just a medium that God uses to spread His message. I am referring to my "Angel didi", none other than the young, zestful and divine - Sister BK Shivani who represents the Brahmakumaris World Spiritual University.

It was on the noon of 3rd December 2014 that I accidentally (yes, that's the word) clicked on one of her video links on Youtube while looking for something else. I let it play, noticing that it was just 15-something minutes long. Angel didi was explaining the Karmic law to a large gathering in that clip. The spark in her eyes, the kick in her feet and the prowess in her talk amazed me. It became clear that she had the deepest insight into the dimension of humanity that gets ignored so often. She was not preachy, not heavy with words and definitely not difficult to understand. Something big was going on right across my computer screen. So I got hooked. I knew this was the beginning of an endless prospect of magic about to unfold. I played that video again and again, and again.

Today, 15 months down the line, I feel fortunate to have been able to download over 1,300 of angel didi's videos- almost every piece available online from any, literally any source. Every morning I scout for her new videos to download and listen. It has become a ritual that I so enjoy. I treasure her talks like gold and watch at least two videos daily, with the enthusiasm of a kid. The harmony in her thought, words and actions radiate in her every sentence and I experience vibrations of peace, purity and warmth as if they sneak out from the screen and reach me. The more I reflect on her words, the more appropriate they seem for any situation I am in. And every time I bring the knowledge she shared into action, life seems more meaningful. My mother is also hugely influenced, so we both cannot stop admiring and thanking didi! God has been so kind, His angel is here to touch our lives in ways she will never fully know.

Clad in white and graceful as a swan, Angel didi is as prudent as the bird itself that is known for its discerning abilities. She adorns a clean consciousness to complement her classy looks and powerful aura. An exponent of Rajyoga meditation, she shares the keys to unlock a treasure-chest that lead to emotional wellbeing, spiritual growth, harmony in relationships, and emerging of original soul qualities. The focal point in every workshop, retreat and conference she conducts is to awaken our inner conscience and understand "Who am I" and "Who is God". Her articulation makes us want to experiment with all the teachings. Introspecting on the takeaways, implementing them and experiencing their outcome have brought about that master shift we all hear and talk about. In short, her wisdom is a Panacea that has healed emotional ailment of millions around the globe.

I don't know how to appropriately express my gratitude to Angel didi. I can thank her all day for the rest of my life and still find it inadequate. No tribute is rich enough to convey how much she means to me, my mother and maybe millions of others. But today I still wrote these few lines for two reasons. First - we are celebrating Maha Shivaratri with great fervor and Shivani didi speaks 'Shiv-Ki-Vani'. Second - International Women's Day is observed tomorrow and she indeed is a woman of substance we are blessed to have. So these two days somewhat measure up in the context of this effort to give thanks to her in a small way.

Just want to sum it up saying - "Angel didi, aap sirf ek vyakti nahi, ek shakti ho. Thanks for everything."

- Arathi B Narayan

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I enjoy writing (rarely though) about anything I strongly feel about.