He stared long at the white bright screen,
Evaluating, criticizing at people not before seen,
Never missed a mole or unruly hair,
Not even a scar, went unnoticed at his glare.

He knew for himself that he was handsome,
The ancestral wealth he inherited was awesome,
The riches he earned at youth was also big,
For generations, his offspring could dig.

Now he spent his whole day in front of desktop,
Ladies his main target, with sickle-comment he cropped.
He swooned for the sweet ones, detested the strong,
Kept on posting nasty remarks, predictions totally wrong.

To those who praised he was "Prince Charm"
He never attempted, act of any harm.
But never even spared, the doing -good oldies
Who ignored his passes and false promises.

That late night he lay content with his slay,
To all the daring lasses who shunned his way.
In his sleep he heard "Man, go look in the mirror"
Though mere voice, his curiosity tried to figure.

The reflection that glared was not his own, he supposed,
But as he frowned and raised his brows, image mimicked
It was dreadful, horrible and beastly, as wizard could be
The reality was terribly shocking, from Man to Monster.

His tiring days and sleepless nights, browsing.
Lousy habits, eating late and sitting tight, exploring.
Exhaling Negative thoughts of others, inhaling poisonous radiations.
Quickened aging, charred charm, bald head and sunken eyes.......

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