What to write to improve the art of writing
Me and my friend were discussing about the art of writing. HE had a list of favorite authors both in English and in his mother tongue tamil. He used to be a voracious reader. But his favorite authors are not writing now and he is not enjoying reading other authors. He used to reread his favourite books , but now since he has repeated a lot of times , wanted to do something else. Was suggesting to him to start writng. Then the question came as to what topics can be choosen to write.

I asked to him to list his favourite topics of interest. Religion was his most favourite. I told him , he can write about religion , but then jokingly told him that , unless he wanted to be talked about negatively , he better avoid writing controversial discussions about religion. His next topic of interest was cricket.
This is a topic, I said could be very much used and a big list of subtopics can be found to write. We together listed some of the sub topics. The different type of matches played viz 20 -20 , test match, one day match, one day day-night match, ranji trophy , state level matches, training of cricketers, statistical anaylsis of the different players, the upcoming of the different players from various backgrounds , controversial decisions, technology driven changes in the way of telecasting , advertising, preparation of pitches etc .
Then the discussion was about the teachers who influenced our lifes. Then it extended to others like parents, neighbours , relatives, friends who played a keen role by interaction at different stages of our life and who influenced us by guiding , supporting morally, financially etc.
Then the topic turned towards the hobbies we had viz cricket , kabadi, chess, drawing initially in paper, now with technology in computers, designing, singing . playing instruments like tabla , violin, veena,mridangam etc.
Then the discussion moved to the everlasting memories in our life. We recollected a few events like , the birth day when father presented the first watch, The day when we attended the first interview, the day when floods affected our area and we were stranded for ten days at a stretch and how we just manged with some biscuits, bread ,water packets got through helicopters dropping them on roof tops and how we managed to get some boats to rescue us afterwards.

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