Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that is related to the designs, productions, operation, construction and uses of machines and tools. It is also called the "mother" branch of all the engineering streams because it is the oldest and widely opted part of engineering. The principles of physics are the basics for this.

The mechanical systems of all the machines and tools are analysed under this stream. The techniques of production and maintenance of motorized systems is the centre of it. The study is very vast and minute things are included. Its contribution can be noticed from the oldest inventions to the latest ones.

This field has become the most popular and helpful in this new era. The one who will opt for this stream will come across the concepts like mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, structural analysis and materials science. Along with these topics, the use of computer-aided and product lifecycle management help in production and machinery study.

The industrial equipments, heating and cooling systems, aircrafts, watercrafts, robotics, medical instruments, and many other devices that are related to machinery are analysed. The stream is available worldwide by now.

A large number of universities are available that are providing the opportunity of Mechanical Engineering for the degree purposes. In various countries like Brazil, China, Greece, UK, America, India and many more, this engineering program is meant for nearly four to five years.

The degree completes with in this time period. It is divided in different classes- Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Applied Science, etc.

Some standards are set by all the countries according to their state of development and society. The coursework in Universities and Institutes are almost similar. The difference is in their format only. Number of subjects is set together and gets decreased by the time. Parts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and mechanical drawing are included.

The engineers who are skilled are offered for the job automatically by the industries. The selection of the subjects as well as the Universities matters a lot. The industries seek for a hard worker and capable persons. The ones who have entered this field are leading a fantastic life as they are paid very well.

They get good offers and annual packages. Dozens of jobs are available worldwide for the engineers. Many options are available for the students in the career field in various sectors. Public sector companies are desperately looking for the fine engineers.

Additional degrees prove more helpful for the candidates. In India, many universities and Institutes are available. They are run by experienced and eminent personalities. One of the Institutes that is preferred by most of the students is Gulzar Group of Institutes. The students are provided with the placements after their completion of degree.

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