It is really interesting to see the behavior patterns of human beings. They are so calm , at least on the outside . But suddenly an outburst comes. And the person (s) involved at that moment , based on their temperament decide the further course of the action process. If the other person gets provoked easily, then the talk process takes over to argument and sometimes culminates in vehement arguments and/or physical abuse. In fact sometimes , it takes an extreme step of murder , sometimes intentional.

On the other hand, if the other person , does not get provoked and is fully aware of the incident happening vis a vis the first person loosing temper and getting into outbursts, the situation gets resolved sooner than later and amicably. Of course it also depends upon the issue involved and the temperament of the people involved an d sometimes also depends upon the time of the day.

Sometimes in a part of our country , we witness , casual discussions about a football match , getting into arguments and then heated arguments and sometimes in violence.

Another angle or reason for people getting disturbed is based on their religious beliefs and sometimes superstitions. Generally there is nothing wrong in having a set of rules in terms of religion to follow or having some superstitions . But when it conflicts with the opinion of another person , who is involved , in the action process , either directly or indirectly , then it results in various forms of disturbances.

So basically if people can train themselves to be clear about their beliefs and also accept that difference of opinions can be there with others, things may become better for all. As said earlier, the energy level of the person may also matter which may be based on the time of the day. It may also be dependent on the general health of the person at that point of time .
For example, in the morning , generally we are all fresh and so may be able to take in our stride , the erratic behavior of the other person. Of course , it may also depend upon , the extent of damage caused viz whether it extends to physical abuse or very strong affecting arguments.

In the evening , when the person may be tired after the days'work , chances of conflict may be more. Also for some people , when they are hungry , they lose their temper.

Sometimes , for unknown reasons , we just get irritated. It may be due to some problems in our body or some disturbing thoughts in our mind, about which , we may not be clear , as to the cause and nature of the issue involved.

Another aspect of the human mind which impacts us is its flexible expandable memory. It is really not certain as to how much it can be expanded. An analysis of the experience of people who had a great memory indicates that our life style viz habits, reading pattern , health etc play a major role in the way our memory retention capacity is determined. For example , multiplication tables , word formation exercise etc augment our capacity. Also it is told writing once is equivalent to reading ten times. For many more times of reading results in better retention. Of course techniques have been developed for faster reading , for example , by training the eyes to see two/three words at a time , rather than one by one word. Also mind training is given to give less strain to eyes to aid them in grasping fully , what is read.

This and other training methods are developed to get full utility of the human mind.

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