There are people who are migrating from small towns and villages into the cities each day. This has caused the number of people in the cities to swell by the millions. In fact each day, there are thousands of people settling down in the cities. This has caused the cities to expand rapidly. The cities are not able to expand on the ground because of various geographical constraints. The main reasons are that there are many boundaries like the presence of the sea or mountains that cause the city to be unable to expand.

In places where the city is able to expand, there are new colonies that are being built and the city suburbs keep expanding rapidly too. This has also made many high rise buildings to come up in various places. As the buildings increase in size, more and more people are isolated in these high rise apartments that are commonly called as flats.

There are certain advantages of living in a flat. These advantages are listed here.

1. Kids have company:

The kids are the primary concern of any parent. Parents give a lot of importance to the company that kids have. In a flat, there is sure to be many kids and they can have a nice time in the evenings, if they are friendly and have nearby places to play.

2. Safety:

Though people tend to think that those who live in flats are not safe and that people living in flats do not help their neighbours, it is not true in most places. Only in a very few flats will the people be very unfriendly. In all other situations, the people are usually friendly to an extent. This causes the people to help each other out in case there are any safety issues. In situations when one person is sick, then there are many people to help the sick person get to the hospital.

3. A community is available:

The flat system has a major advantage because a whole community of people live in the same place. This allows for companionship in times when it is needed. The fact that there are many people around will make them to talk and build life long friendships between each other.

4. Healthy:

Though it is very healthy to live in villages, cities are overcrowded and polluted. The high rise buildings have an advantage in that any person who wants to have some kind of fresh air, then the person can get to the window and since the building is high up, the air wt that height will be more cooler and refreshing than the air at the ground level. This air is also healthier than the air that is present in the ground level that is filled with a lot of smoke and dust.

5. Peaceful:

There is no disturbance from various kinds of people who will otherwise disturb all the time. Any person who is living in a individual house will know of the many disturbances that occur in a day. All these can be avoided when the person lives in a flat.
These are some of the common advantages of living in a flat. Any person who would like to live in a flat has to always look at the pro's and the con's before it is decided on the place to stay.

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