Writing a lucid online article is never easy. It has always been a tough ask from anyone who has a penchant to write. These days you will find a lot of online authors making a beeline to post their stories. The days when one had to find a publisher and hanker a lot to get a book published is gone. At the same time we are now finding a number of less qualitative articles, stories and poems making their way on the internet. In this competition between quantity and quality an online reader is always at a fix on deciding the right path.

Once the topic has been chosen it will be easy to present the article before the online readers. It also to be remembered that most of the times it is the headline which catches the eye of an online reader. So, the topic has to be properly reflected through the headline. In the absence of such an effort there is every possibility that the online reader will choose to ignore the article and will always prefer an article having a catchy headline. Even regular news related stories have to compete as the body of the stories are almost the same and the subtle difference lies in the making of an attractive headline.

Most of the times it is the research work taken up while preparing an online article and it compensates the other lacunas in the article. An article without facts will hardly be appreciated by online readers. If an article has to click it has to be a perfect balance of facts spiced with a just analysis. Every online author has to remember that there are tons of articles on the internet. In such a situation one can hardly afford to annoy the readers. Hence, choosing a topic also becomes equally important.

The next step towards effective writing is to understand as to what readers want. Also one can take the reverse mode of writing. Making readers read what the author has written is never an easy task. But if the bait clicks the author will never have to look back again. Once decided by the online author after taking into account the target group it becomes a lot easier to focus on laying out a time frame to complete the article. This may look like a case of acute commercialisation of writing skills but at present such type of tinkering with your ways on writing an online article is widely accepted implicitly.

Following the above techniques makes the life of an author easy and the online article is also easily accepted by the readers. After all the purpose of an online article is to be accepted and appreciated by the online readers.

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