Basically for life , there is no perfect correct path to take. We all live and learn how to live. We make our own paths and go through the path. Sometime, we find that the road is closed. then we realise that on our path three diversions were available and we had taken a wrong diversion , due to which we have ended up at dead end. We may get a chance to go back to the junction again and change the path. The fact is we are not able to too much ahead to decide the correct path to avoid meeting the dead end.

SOmetimes we are tired to think well , as we have not taken proper care of our pattern of life, to take appropriate rest , before taking at the next plunge at every moment of life , when needed.

In fact my writing of this article itself was a result of me getting time to spend early in the morning and not having anything specific to do.

here i would like to give kudos to this website, for encouraging me to fully pen down my views on the various topics and keeping it open to the entire world. In fact am so lazy that am not even editing my articles before posting. am sorry if any reader is having any difficulty in comprehending them . After all, though the first aim of writing is to express our views or thoughts, once we are keeping it in the public site, we have to take care of the viewer's interest.

But again this article itself , viz what is life is intended to just stimulate the thoughts in a persons' mind to kindle him to chnage his perspective of life or encourage him to share his thoughts and views also so that by sharing the knowledge and information, we all can lead a better life.

Coming back to the earlier discussion about utilising the net world of information and its utility and/or applicability for our region , let us analyse it a bit more in detail. For example, a mobile phone with the latest technology can be used for all purposes viz, purchasing anything online, from cow urine, manure for plants, food for today, clothes etc . The list is endless. This is just one area , but takes care of almost all our basic needs in life.

Then come s technology sharing to further invent and upgrade technology. Here for example, Patents play a very pivotal role. This is one area which is very much responsible ,after printing technology , for the exponential growth of technology.

Now coming to the bad side effect of this knowledge sharing . This is happening more nowadays in the area of human health and medicine. more and more information is being shared to the smallest level of individual attention to the information for the bigger institutions. For example , in a socila media, which is very fast in forwarding information and reaching out to people, mentioned that carrots should not be taken more than 200 gms a day. Earlier , we used , atleast myself, to read that the more carrots you eat, the better you can see and avoid glasses for the eyes.
Now they say we have to measure and eat , and not only that , since chemical fertilisers are used in farming , we have to buy organic farm produce. Now the basic question for the common man is , how he is going to differentiate the correct items. Now one more issue has come out, viz colouring the vegetables to attract the eyes.. Also artificial ripening. Of course , what is written here, may not apply to the entire world, but information dissemination is so fast , this can spread far and wide.

will continue friends

good day.

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