Starting from the days when fire was lit using stones, cooking area has been of prominent importance to one and all. But never before has kitchen occupied such a major portion of our thoughts and ideas, as does today. Kitchens have enjoyed being the centre-stage in houses since centuries now, in every corner of the world. To cook food, or to lit the house, many households were dependent on just one big fire that served all these purposes. To combat the heat factor, the houses in many hot countries ensure that the kitchen area remains separate from the rest of the house.

In more recent times the two extremes have been drawn somewhat closer together. Keeping the kitchen area under the same roof yet away from the interiors of the house has been made possible with revamped building structures. Keeping the kitchen area at a far off corner is not a requirement at tropical areas as the places are well ventilated.

Convenience and a contemporary outlook are largely responsible for making the kitchen and cooking areas look alike, even at far off countries. There are new techniques and designs being introduced in kitchen appliances to help them meet specialized demands , however the functions and the working module is similar to the other models used all across the world. Highly effective extractor fans remove cooking smells out of the kitchen, wherever the electricity to work on them is available.

Appliances have had much transformation over the years, in terms of their make-over, performance, technology etc; however, still the source of heat happens to remain the same, i.e. fuel. Kitchens can now be well equipped yet compact, and beautifully designed yet low maintenance. An example of this is the working surface that is made of Formica, or a similar substance; it can very easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and is thus a healthy option too. Sink units that are made of either glass fiber, stainless steel or are vitreous enameled; cupboards that are fitted at standard heights; and ceramic and plastic tiles are other facilities that make working in a kitchen a true pleasure.

People's changed orientation and perception on how they view the home kitchens, can be drawn from the fact that popular stores and in fact stores the world over has committed quite a substantial portion of its retail space to the range display for kitchen appliances; a great observation by a shoppers everywhere. Even the latest patterns and designs of serving bowls, casseroles and other items are quite enticing for everyone. Finally realizing the significance and pride a woman attaches to her kitchen, he left crediting manufacturers of kitchen appliances, for the commendable job they're doing in the area. The house kitchen is fast becoming the center of attention in a house.

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