I avoided Twitter, made fun of it and repeated tales I had learned from folks I know loosing pals to "twittering"; they no longer could share a car trip, enjoy a meal or even simple conversation because their close friend was so preoccupied with the latest "tweet."

While Twitter very first started to be famous I shared this emotion:

"What might be more annoying and less helpful than a web site where 1000's of folks are supplied 140 characters to shout out about what they're doing in every last moment of the day? The awesome factor is that plenty folks out there feel this mindless stream of ephemera ("I'm consuming a orange," "I'm waiting for a train," "I want a Latte") is intriguing enough to offer as the base for a viable advertising platform."

However just after fellow marketers I value reintroduced me to Twitter as the tool to aid their current strategies, I took note and soon started to look at the strengths of the "follower." I was hooked.

When I first became open to the concept that Twitter might be "where it's at"; I began to research where it started. I discovered about Jack Dorsey and how he started this on the web product in 2006, that was free to users and permitted everyone to transmit short tiny points. They call them "Tweets" and they contain a character restriction of 140. You may post these to your pals or "Follower." This is a person that has opted in to your community. I observe Twitter more of an information network than a social directory. You discover what people are doing, relevant to topics that you have chosen to follow. This is true to everywhere in the globe, and precisely when it is developing.

As one of the coolest unique trends of today, Twitter could be a quite important program when utilized in combination with social advertising strategies. You could not be certain that this will be for you, however be mindful that also Microsoft's president and the globes wealthiest man, Bill Gates, now has a Twitter account of his own. If intrigued you may
follow @BillGates. Did you realize that Oprah tweets? Ashton Kutcher, the movie star, even beat out CNN when they were counting the first individual or account to attain a million followers on Twitter.

Nonetheless, with its astounding popularity and expansion, many in the promoting world persist to debate whether or not Twitter is a total time vacuum or a advertising device you just cannot live with out. I suppose its worth is dependent on how you decided to use it.

Personally, I am not one to gossip with buddies by texting or glued to current press incidents via my cell phone. I still like the phone and of course e-mail. But I have determined that Twitter is an essential piece of my complete social marketing program.

Everybody uses Twitter in a different way. So what is the big deal; just how should you be utilizing Twitter in the marketing strategy? For over a year now, several have claimed that Twitter can be the #1 traffic builder for their website. I do observe the spikes in visitors via cross-linking my articles to Twitter.

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