The story is simple and is played out every now and then whenever any unfortunate incident happens in our country (e.g. Ruchika Molestation case). I would be sitting infront of TV's in my drawing room. Some journalists would be shouting for no reason to give you the complete and exclusive story which would be same on every channel!!! Yeh India TV ka exclusive ka funda mujhe Aaj Tak samaj main nahin aaya hai ï'....

Chalo... koi nahin... then I may also send a sms or probably call some news channel (if lucky I may get to express my views as well!!) All depends on the benevolence of the anchor!!! Participate in the SMS survey or even better be an audience on one of the Talk shows (which by the way are many!!!)... Talk some Blah!! Blah along with some page 3 celebrity (better if she is some blond!!)

If still not happy never mind... we now have Face books, twitters, orkuts etc, blog heavily (which I am doing now ... happily), join some community, follow some twitting politician... like Mr. Tharooor for his witty comments about Cattle Class, Father of nation, Visa Norms thanks to the technology I am well aware !!!

But I wonder what am I doing with all this information if I cannot drag my arse to vote Not sure why i can VOTE for all the reality shows (U name it and I have voted!!) but not exercise my fundamental right as a citizen!!! .. But I assure you if some of those elected politicians do anything wrong... you bet... I follow the cycle explained above ...watching TV, Sending SMS, Blogging u name it!!! So yes basically I wasting all the power and awareness that I have today thanks to all web and television!!!!

Happy that I was born now and not in pre independence era as then I would have no such privileges. My activism would mean that I would have to actually join our Father of Nation on his Dandi March rather then just being the part of Go Dandi Community on Face book or Twitter!!! And if there was some chain mail... I would not have been able to use "Out of Office" rule!!!!

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