The Summer is on. The summer in India is always with high temperatures and the heat wave continues in most parts of the country till June mid-week. But in 2012 the summer is like anything it has crossed 40 degrees centigrade in most parts of the country. The places which used to stay cool with a temperature of 32 degrees are also facing the rise in temperatures.

In Andhra Pradesh the heat waves hitting normal life of people. The daily routine has been changed by the public. The temperatures are soaring above 42 degrees. The highest temperature noted in Rentichintula, Guntur, A.P of 47degrees. The major cities of A.P like Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and tier II towns like Kurnool, Kadapa are facing temperature of 42 -44 degrees. The complete Telangana region is experiencing heat waves with a temperature of 45-47 degrees since a week. Even the eastern and Northern regions are nominating highest temperatures. Coastal part of A.P and Odisha are too suffering from heat waves. This kind of heat waves and conditions may cause health problems like sunstroke, fever etc.

Hence it is necessary to take some precautions to prevent the heat wave in these days. The precautions can be

1. Wear cotton cloths; do not wear dark colour cloths.
2. Drink lot of water.
3. Have coconut water, sugarcane Juice.
4. Bath for two times in a day with intervals.
5. Use sunscreen for outgoing people.
6. Having curd rice is a good option.
7. Have cooler foods like water melon, lemon juice.
8. If possible wear glare reducing sunglasses to protect from heat.
9. Avoid doing vigorous activities during mid of the day.
10. Try to avoid tea, coffee.
11. Reduce fatty and spicy foods.
12. Consume more vegetables, cereals and fruits.
13. Avoid fried foods and snacks.
14. Use cucumber for eyes to stay cool.

If few of these precautions are taken care in these conditions of Scroaching heat then sunstrokes can be avoided. It is better to stay indoors and change timings of work if possible in summer. This can help you to prevent sunstroke.

But to have awareness for sunstroke, it is better to know the symptoms. The symptoms of sunstroke can be pulse rate will be high, very high body temperature, rapid breathing, headache, unconsciousness, red coat skin etc. If you find these symptoms then it is better to take the person under a shady area, cool the person with ice cubes or wet cloths, give enough water to drink, rush to hospital immediately. Hence to avoid these conditions and stay safe, healthier it is suggested to take some precautions in summer.
Depending upon the region and temperature of the day it is suggestible to take precautions.

It is predicted that it will take another two weeks of time for the rain to hit in most parts of the country. It is being observed that change of weather may bring some health up downs. Hence it is better to take precautions accordingly in these seasons.

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Reference: Indiastudychannel.