Disposal of waste -an environmental issue

The more technology has developed , the power of consumption has gone high. That in turn has led to a lot of waste , particularly in the densely populated cities.

There are categories of waste to be handled.
Main requirement is the segregation of waste at source. The household gives out veg matter, non veg , plastics ( in most parts of the globe) , electronic waste in a large scale recently , newspaper and other paper related waste, metals of different kinds etc.
Segregation if done correctly at the source , can help to a lrger extent , the waste disposal.

The veg and non veg waste can be used to recycle and prepare manure for the plants. Since the quantum involved is more , particularly in major cities, separate land has to be identified , where these waste can be buried and in a cyclical manner , dug up and the manure generated can be effectively used. Here again technology can help to identify the materials to be mixed before burying to get the best results.
Plastic waste is again through technology , recycled , a number of times and accordingly the recycled plastic is used at the appropriate places , viz good quality for household , the second may be for industrial purpose etc. Plastic, recycled is also used to lay roads.

Electronic waste is systematically used in many countries to make the best use of the different metals in the electronic items and also dispose the remaining matter again using technology by converting them into reusable material.

Since the production level has gone up , for example , in the automobile industry, we hear of tons of old cars being dumped into oceans .This is something , which is to be looked into , very seriously , as the life in sea is disturbed by this activity. One reason for this type of disposal is that , the cost involved in recycling is more than the output material got and its value.
Newspaper is recycled efficiently and made best use of in most of the countries. Also the other metals like iron, aluminium etc are also generally recycled effectively and made the best use of in most of the cities.
The requirement of the day is to collect these different type of waste in a large quantity , by effectively segregating them at source point , both in household and in industries.

We also hear a lot about the industrial waste polluting the rivers nearby and also the rivers being clogged by the waste generated by the cities. This can again be taken care of , if only collection process is made more efficient , so that , people at all levels will take proper care to ensure best way of disposing the waste generated at their end, so that the waste can be converted into wealth for the benefit of all concerned and the humanity and the universe as a whole.

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