The C drive of 5530 is like the Windows system C drive. It is used to place the operating system of Symbian OS, local, similar to PC's C: drive, known as the cell phone store. My phone C: disk capacity is 86MB, the Friends of you machine C: drive capacity may be different with me, but the difference should not be too big. Should be sufficient space to store some software installation, run-time generated temporary files. So the not commonly used and relatively large-scale software and games should be installed in the E memory card but not the C drive.

The remnant space of C drive has not directly relationship with the cell phone memory (Cell phone accessories wholesale) . Directly. Proposed common software or installed in the C: drive, so less frequently read memory card, the speed to run faster. I have a lot of software installed C drive. Now is left 37.6MB of space.

Proposed business card holder, short information are stored in the C drive of (Cell phones wholesale) cell phone If you select the E: memory card storage, a meeting after you remove the memory card, but also for the viewing card or SMS operation, the system will automatically changed to C cell phone storing.

Similarly, their own wallpaper, themes, ringtones file is also stored in C cell phone store, so remove the memory card will not be changed back to default settings.

The document .. C drive in addition to individual files and folders self, others are more important, especially System folder. Delete the C: drive the file may cause some programs not work correctly or even mobile phone system crashes. Therefore in the case of not determined, you should operate the C drive files carefully, especially the cell phone friends who have "broken - solution" the cell phone.

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