From my days of childhood I have been listening to lot of such stories and of course have spoken lot about it too.. some of my friends would even try to call of ghost with candles in the dark with some alphabets written on board and with coin. They would call me for having look at it. But never I have been as I felt little scary about ghost. Some say it is true and some say it is fake but I never dare to try it. Because I am such a person who feel frightened with my on reflection on the mirror at night.

What is soul? What is Spirit... , ?
Soul is the life given by the god to exist in a body to live, where spirit is the goodness or the evil thought combined with the soul according to my understanding. Earlier days it was told that there were saints who meditate in a particular place and their souls travelled to places they want to go... and before astronauts find the planet or before the discovery of telescope itself they have identified that there are nine planets and Saturn is red in color and the nine planets don't see each other etc.

Can we realize the soul inside us, I was told once so that, keep watching yourself on the mirror only your own eyes keep staring fixed at least for an hour without any other motions in your face ,you may feel it . as I tried it I was not able to do this not more than 15 minutes because I felt it was staring at me ..... it may seem to be freaking . only if you are bold and strong hearted try it else don't do.

There is no proof for any of the things but it is just believed to be true and felt by least peoples.. Everyone is given a span of life to live for a period .some may fulfill their reason of birth but there are also some uncertain factors where lot of are not able to complete the life span due to accidents, suicide or being murdered . anyone who dies within the lifespan incomplete are considered to live in this world after death without body, thus the soul or spirit is considered to wander with unsatisfied desires.

Some are considered to be good and some bad , but they tend to scare peoples who are weak minded. It is that they ,can realize the vibration of the body and depending upon people they tend to scare people, it is also said they come for taking revenge in life. But for all one thing is true if there is light there is dark and so if there is something good and so there is bad .so one way to get rid of this for sure trust god and have faith in him and nothing is big before him. You are always safe in his hands and he will take care of you. And don't keep just thinking just share and comment your views on this if you know something about it.

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