NOW the ring exchange ceremony takes place. Unlike, generallly known procedures of the boy and the girl , exchanging the rings; Here the boys's sister puts the ring on the right hand ring finger of the bride. After putting the ring, she again applies sandal paste and kumkum on the bride's forehead.Now the bride's brother puts the ring in the right hand ring finger of the boy.; again he also applies sandal pasteon the boy's forehead. Boy applies only sandal paste , where as the girl applies both sandal paste and kumkum --a red powder . Ladies generally apply the bindi or kumkum of red colour on their forehead between the two eyebrows. It is said to be psychologically good for the girl.

The two elders of the two families come and take aarthi. A red colur solution is prepared using water, kumkum and manjal powder snd the two elders hold the plate containing the prepared red colour liquid and staning in front of the boy and the gilr , they move it in a circle in front of the boy and the girl. SOem other people, or those who are doing the aarthi, sing some songs. There is a song for every occasion, my friend told. There are cassettes available specially for this purpose. After the songs is over , the left side person takes the aarthi plate, and the boy and the girl thank them by offiering coins in the liquid. The ladies who did the remove the coins and share it. The aarthi liquiid is tehn poured outside the hall in c orner.
With this the engagement function gets over. Then the boy and the girl along with the parents and the relatives and friends who have come to attend the function, go to a nearby temple and conduct puja for the well being of all, partcularly the boy and the girl's peaceful, happpy, propserous life ahead. Then the routine dinner will take over. GEnerally it is a buffet type, so that people can come in theor time choose their items and eat.
THEn the boy and the girl accompanied by some kids sit in car , which is open and the car moves slowlly in the streets surrounding the hall and the temple.This si generally done to inform the entire population that the boy and girl are getting married. This is mainly for information, so that accordingly others can see their partners. ALso this is a step to again reconfirm the marriage proposal.

After returning to the hall from the temple, the boy and girl relax, go around and meet each of their relatives and friends.This si the first occasion for the relationship between the boy and the girl culminate into a relationship between families.

Now again dinner time and the two prties have now got near to each other and so the new groups of relatives and friends get together for dinner and get to know each other well. In fact this is one occasion , where the next marriages are fixed, with the boy and girl able to see each other. also the parents can discuss their requirements viz the type of boy/girl they are looking for, their job , looks, qualification, salary etc. ALso they see the gothras, nakshatras etc to see matching as per asr astology..
The next day morning the boy and girl get fully decked up and start the fucntion with the boy going out of the hall in a symbolic form of becoming a monk , by carrying an umbrella , hand gan, cheppals, a walking stick , bhgavat gita book etc. Then the girls' father request him not to go and to come back and get married to his daughter. The boy accepts and returns.

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