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  • Should Post-Divorce Co-parenting Training Be Mandatory?    By: Dana Greco

    When parents get divorced or separated, there is a tremendous amount of strain put on their new relationship and many times this becomes extremely difficult to handle. In turn, the focus on the children's mental and emotional health is greatly diminished. That's why it is extremely important for the parents to transform their relationship, which I call restructuring. It is imperative that ... >> Category: Others
  • Whatever Type of Sleeper You Are    By: Cynthia Young

    Mattress manufactures like Vi-spring understand that one mattress doesn't fit all, and they make sure that their ranges include mattresses that will meet nearly everyones needs. >> Category: Others
  • Looking Back at the NFL Preseason Drama    By: Ryan Knuppel

    Drama seems to follow the NFL. From OchoCinco to Terrell Owens - it's everywhere. This 2010 preseason has been no exception. >> Category: Others
  • Nankana Sahib--for Thousand Memories    By: Hassan Saeed

    Nankana Sahib, for me, like thousands of other oblivious people, such a place never existed in midst of Punjab. Spread over an area of around 11000 square meters approximately, this district is a home and a prominent pilgrimage entity for Sikh minority in Pakistan and for Sikhs all around the world, respectively. >> Category: Others
  • Vacuum Cleaner Types and Functionality    By: Steave Petrov

    A vacuum cleaner, commonly referred to as a vacuums in the U.S. and a hoover in the UK, is a device that uses an air pumped-up to produce a fond vacuum to fawn dust and stain, unremarkably from floors. >> Category: Others
  • Diversity Management : Challenges and Benefits    By: vivek gupta

    Diversity characterizes the massive amount of individual divergences that subsists amid persons. Workforce diversity is a gathering of the resemblances and discrepancies between workers in such sorts as age, sexual category, cultural inheritance, physical capability and race. >> Category: Others
  • Tips For Starting a New Business Successfully    By: Ramandeep singh

    With the right foundations in place, starting new business ventures can be exciting, fun, and profitable. Also, avoiding early mistakes can make the difference between success and failure. To get a business started on the right track, begin with a solid business plan. This will include all the information necessary for executing business decisions from an educated viewpoint. >> Category: Others
  • Piano Restoration Handbook - Your Guide to Square Piano Refurbishing    By: Edward Tedesco

    Would you like added records concerning the progressionof having your piano refurbished? Don't succumb to giving up hope on your old piano just because the restoration practice seems too complicated If you review thispaper, you will gain knowledge about the areas of piano refurbishing that are most imperativefor the piano enthusiasts involved with. >> Category: Others
  • Will a Bottle Stretch Mark Cream Be the Answer to Your Problem?    By: Kim Baker

    Stretch marks naturally form in our bodies. There are a lot of reasons why this would happen to us. Though we are unable to identify why these happen, we should always aim to eliminate these stretch marks. For the longest time, people had been really frustrated in finding a solution to this. The stretch mark cream can really help in fading the marks to make them less visible. >> Category: Others
  • The Third Crusade (1187-1192) - Salah-ad-Din    By: Sara Khan

    This article discusses the third crusade. When Salah-ad-Din conquered Jerusalem in 1187 CE, it created a shockwave all over Europe. The primary objective of the series of Crusades that were launched on Jerusalem and lasted for nearly two hundred years was to recover the Holy Land from the growing influence of Islam. >> Category: Others
  • Do It Yourself: Who Want to Make Doors For Cabinets and Storage Enclsures    By: harvey birdan

    Proper finishing and good quality material guarantee that the sliding doors will not act up. The installation of the tracks should be absolutely linearly and correctly fixed to make the door work properly. >> Category: Others
  • Unpredictable Humans and Emotions - Knowing Oneself is Important!    By: Anisa Author

    Being humans we have a lot of emotions hidden inside us and it is important to understand one's emotions so as to keep yourself happy and live a prosperous life. >> Category: Others
  • Now a Days Non IT Business is Too Much Competitive.    By: Alex Saca

    Information Technology (IT) and IT enabled services play a vital role in business operations. Most companies however find IT services and related technical aspects out of their business scope. Often companies end up spending a fortune in acquiring IT infrastructure which may not be suitable for their needs. >> Category: Others
  • The Life of a Female Doctor    By: john lopez

    Pompous behaviour from her male colleagues is not appreciated by her just because she has to take more offs for her children's sake. Her superiors have always been like this she says.She has taken every step however never to be blatant. >> Category: Others
  • 5 Managing of Management    By: Dr.Satya Sidhartha Panda

    As a Manager, you need to manage your relationship with your reporters, your peers, your customers and your bosses. The 5 M of management focuses on these relationships. Let me explain each of the management behaviors that shall contribute to your being a Successive manager. >> Category: Others
  • When Water Tanks Are Used at Home    By: Sammy Downer

    In this case, paying attention to the needs of your water heating tank can make a difference when it comes to its efficiency. The design of the modern water tanks have allowed automatic operation to take place and so caring for them is simpler. >> Category: Others
  • Pampers Diapers - To Give Your Baby the Care He Deserves!    By: Anisa Author

    Pampers is a brand of baby products primarily known for their diapers and wipes. This article will share with you a few reasons why you should choose pampers over other diaper brands for your baby! >> Category: Others
  • Reverse Telephone Number Lookup: Name and Address Search    By: Maya Philippines

    If you are really concerned on your safety, making use of these paid reverse phone lookup services wouldn't really matter - it's still your security that counts the most. >> Category: Others
  • What Are LED Growing Lights?    By: Simon Alexander

    An overview of LED Grow lights and their uses. Main Advantages of LED Lights. >> Category: Others
  • What Happened to the Old Water Tanks?    By: derek kettner

    Lubbock houses several water towers, eleven at the least. Not a soul pays attention to the existence of these tanks. >> Category: Others
  • Looking For the Right Finds For Office Blinds    By: Maya Philippines

    An office needs to radiate professionalism as well as efficiency and if the blinds can reflect the same things, so much the better. >> Category: Others
  • Weekender Travel Bag For Women and Men at Weekend    By: hem sherbeny

    Now you need a helpful and simple-to-carry-round weekender bag which can just about maintain every little thing for weekends. >> Category: Others
  • Young India Fellowship Program Knocking at Door !    By: Esquared Social Media

    All of us can't be good at everything. But maybe we can be good at quite a few things. Have you ever given it a try? And if not, then how can you find out? The answer might be YIF. >> Category: Others
  • Getting New Garage Door Designs    By: janice maggio

    In this Fresno, California neighborhood, many of the homes have older garage doors that flip out to open. When this homeowner saw that one of the three garage doors she had was malfunctioning, she started to look for a new one. >> Category: Others
  • Internet Marketing Book Gives You Many Advantage    By: jerry kimm

    Internets marketing books will teach peoples all about strategies that Internet marketing they needs to get their business. Some of the different strategies will need to know are article marketing, forum marketing, SEO, blogs and many other strategies that will help your business make money online and become the success we want to be. >> Category: Others
  • What Your Garage Door Tell About Your Home    By: harvey birdan

    Your front door or your garage doors tell a lot about your home especially for people viewing it from the street. Garages having the top of the line architecture make this more apparent. >> Category: Others
  • Rajasthan Tours For Remarkable India Tours    By: meenu global

    Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful tours and travel destination in India. >> Category: Others
  • A New Beginning.    By: kishore thampi

    What appears to be an ending leads to a new beginning and the secret to success is to have more beginnings than endings >> Category: Others
  • Management of Corporate Reputation and Company's Success    By: Anisa Author

    Being owner of any business you must realize the importance of many aspects that should be managed properly in order to ensure success. Out of so many aspects corporate reputation is one that needs to be managed properly as it is directly related to company's success! >> Category: Others
  • How a Group Training Session Can Save You Money?    By: juliet andreya

    Group training session is a cost effective approach that allows companies to meet their regulatory compliance requirements with less hassles. Find out the great benefits of group training session in meeting the compliance standard at >> Category: Others
  • Double Minimise Your Bills With Double Glazing    By: Serhiy Korohoda

    Using modern double glazing solutions, filled with harmless gases that inhibit temperature loss, can knock a significant amount off your annual heating bill. >> Category: Others
  • Facts of Managed Forex Account!    By: Amit shukla

    Among the most popular money-making strategies today, one of the best strategies is to invest in the forex market by using a Forex trading account online. With an average profit of million dollars all over the world, the foreign exchange market is attracting a lot of financial investors from all sectors. You must be aware that the foreign exchange market is dealing with different currencies. >> Category: Others
  • Picking Out Rainwater Tanks    By: russell katherine

    Things that are considered to be the best in life are for free perhaps you've heard of that. Water is one of man's basic necessities, and this quote very much applies to it. >> Category: Others
  • Trade Options and Trade Stocks    By: Info Igravity

    Financial planning is crucial for everyone. It helps you have funds for all types of needs at the same time taking care of your other liabilities and securing your future. There are many financial plans available in the market. >> Category: Others
  • Personal Injury Lawyers - How to Choose the Right One    By: korey saulters

    Imagine if randomly while you were minding your own business, you get hit on the head by a rock that came from the construction site you walked passed. In these scenarios one suffered from personal injury, which is due to the neglect of another person, a company or government entity or faulty products. >> Category: Others
  • Share Valuation Models- Part 1    By: Vivek SHARMA

    This article provides details of Walter model used for valuation of a company's share. >> Category: Others
  • Medical Career Put on Hold to Pursue Her Passion For Running    By: Joseph Grant

    This small town welcomed the arrival of this bright young lady when she first came in 1984, and back then, she was already so focused on becoming a world class runner and get the chance to be one of the athletes in the prestigious Olympic Games. Her greenish brown eyes have seen it all in just four short years. >> Category: Others
  • How the Mary Kay Marketing Plan and Make Selling Mary Kay Fun and Easy    By: Nancy Harnell

    Selling Mary Kay can be fun and rewarding. However, it's best to make sure you are using the right Mary Kay marketing plan to turn you business in the black fast! >> Category: Others
  • The Joy of Having Sliding Glass Doors    By: marie blake

    You have a way to admire the view outside through a sliding glass door. The luminosity of your room can even increase as well as the air flow. >> Category: Others
  • Two Rules For Garage Door Maintenance    By: russell katherine

    To tinker with an automatic garage door is to put yourself at peril if you don't know what you're doing. Once more, homeowners are learning to be all around handymen, if only to cut costs. >> Category: Others
  • Choosing the Right Loan    By: Marketing Manager

    Each loan targets a group of people. The lenders aim to make their loans as appealing as possible to that targeted audience, and in most cases they are very successful in doing so. >> Category: Others
  • Syrian and Israeli Flags Together in an IPhone Game    By: Rowhia Subhi

    Can Doggie Trouble resolve Israelis and Syrian conflicts? Will Saudi Flag be replaced by Syrian Flags in future multimedia releases? Is the Arabic and Israeli Conflict just another conspiracy? >> Category: Others
  • Too Much Salt is Hard on the Lawn    By: turfking ofgreen

    Salt used on walkways and roadways can be detrimental to the health of your lawn. If an excessive amount of salt gets onto your lawn, the grass may die out. >> Category: Others
  • Isagenix Reviews-Critical 3rd Party Review    By: Fontella Williams

    When people are searching for other income streams, Isagenix may be a choice for you. We'll take a look at our expert 3rd party research that provides you with everything you need to know about Isagenix. >> Category: Others
  • Distinguishing Dedicated and VPS Server India    By: Sophia Ethan

    VPS hosting is a combination of the positives of dedicated and the shared web hosting. It gives you services equivalent to dedicated server at the cost of the shared web hosting. This innovative server has supplanted both the shared as well as dedicated server hosting service. >> Category: Others
  • Hydrolyze Scam- the Truth    By: Kevin Scott

    Finding genuine and effective beauty creams is a daunting task when a massive range of them are available for treating different beauty problems. Anyone concerned about their wrinkles and dark circles must have heard about Hydrolyze cream, which inhibits the development of dark circles and wrinkles and helps you to reclaim perfect skin. >> Category: Others
  • Playability Makes Synthetic Putting Greens a Smart Choice    By: Chris Harlien

    When it comes to golf, few cities are as passionate for the sport as the residents of Phoenix. Synthetic putting greens are becoming more and more common in the lush, landscaped backyards of Phoenix and other Southwest cities where year-round golf is one of the most popular outdoor pastimes >> Category: Others
  • What My Peers Think    By: Eric Skrzyniarz

    Experiment for a college seminar that explores the bystander effect and its implications for altruism. In my experiment, I defined my peers as St. Mary's students. While walking along a path, I dropped either a pencil or a dollar bill with a subject behind me, and kept track of the return rates. >> Category: Others
  • Landscape Can Make Your Garden Come Alive    By: Glyn as jones

    With landscaping you can enhance the looks and the market price for your home. Just hire the expert landscaping experts who can help you manage the space at your home according to the cultivation you want to have. >> Category: Others
  • Crackle Paint Finish for Paintings    By: richard sessions

    You will find a number of people who love making new things look antique. Antique looking belongings are within your reach. >> Category: Others

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