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  • POEM: SONG UNHEARD    By: Jacintha Morris

    This poem pictures the life of a virgin woman who was burdened with the responsibility of a family when she was a child as couldn't get the care of her parent as her mother passed away leaving behind twin baby boys to be taken care and the father a sick person. she pours out her sorrows as songs and she has got a beautiful voice but none to hear it or uplift as they live in the outskirts illegally >> Category: Others
  • Altruism or Prosocial Behavior?    By: Mariami Ghreuli

    Here you can see my opinion about altruism: does it exist by itself or is it the same as prosocial behavior. >> Category: Others
  • May I Help You?    By: kishore thampi

    The present day world belongs to the Generation Z. Our future lies in the hands of these young minds and we can make it secure only by making them competent enough to be the harbingers of the change that we wish to see. When they have the requisite expertise and knowledge in their kitty, they can confidently face any challenges that life poses. >> Category: Others
  • Is India Still a Developing Country!    By: Calvin Price

    Is India still a developing country! - This is something that runs in everyone's mind each time something is forced upon someone. As per today in various fields of work the country has made an effort of development but still certain areas lack a kind of irresponsibility from the government. A normal citizen of the country till the very day is still struggling out their lives day to day fighting >> Category: Others
  • Things to Consider When Selecting a Currency Broker    By: robertin allensa

    Currency brokers are 10 a penny, so here's a guide to selecting a good one. Today Foreign exchange companies have double. >> Category: Others
  • All About the Forex Trade    By: ben chatham

    You should definitely think about which forex brokerage you would prefer to transact on your behalf when it comes to the international currency market. When it comes to an endeavor like this one, the brokerage can make or break your chances. >> Category: Others
  • Learning All About the Forex    By: robertin allensa

    A difficult challenge facing a trader and particularly those trading e-forex, is finding perspective. Achieving that in markets with regular hours is hard enough, but with forex where prices are moving 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this is exceptionally laborious. >> Category: Others
  • Brighter and Better Kitchens    By: derek kettner

    Through the evolution from early man to the modern, the one thing that man has always needed and installed in some form or the other, is the cooking area, the kitchen. In fact with time, kitchen has become quite a focus of attraction for any household. >> Category: Others
  • Budget, Function and Style    By: derek kettner

    Every time a bathroom is to be redesigned, three important points come up. These are the budget, function and style. >> Category: Others
  • Bathroom Designs : A New Status Symbol    By: jessica harince

    When it comes to home renovation, bathrooms generally have been the forgotten room. Only when water was filled up to the brim in the tiles behind the tub did it catching the owner's gaze. >> Category: Others
  • The Bugs Never Left    By: vernia dacusian

    Traditionally when we have had an outbreak of pests, we thought the simplest solution was to kill them. But this failed to work. >> Category: Others
  • Home Inspector Helps Buyers Avoid Surprises    By: marie blake

    The purchase offer of the buyers should contain the contingency clause for home inspection according to the real estate dealers. This is the agents' way of showing their concerns for their buyers. >> Category: Others
  • Government Agency Explains New Pest Control Strategy    By: Natasha Comwell

    Concerned with the variety of pests and insects that wreak havoc on plants, animals, and humans, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has adopted a new approach in it's continuous pest control battle, and this novel concept is based on eradication of a insect's male population. In an end of year review, the U.S. government via the Agricultural department stated that among the means of eliminating the males, a potent attractant was employed. >> Category: Others
  • Certain Pesticides Phased Out From Market    By: marie blake

    For many people, pest control is a daily task which they must endure. Farmers of all types have to worry about insects, weeds, diseases, rodents and other pests on a day to day basis. >> Category: Others
  • An Overview of Nanotechnology    By: Haripriya Munipalli

    Nanotechnology is the engineering of tiny equipment and the ability to build items from their fundamental state. >> Category: Others
  • A View About Life    By: R. Devan

    Life is all about living. Living means performing action. Action is initiated by thoughts and then performed. It may involve one person or more persons at a time . Material things may be involved . Another aspect is time. Life is about spending time. >> Category: Others
  • Diffusion Through the Plasma Membrane    By: Haripriya Munipalli

    Diffusion is the process of transfer of substances from the region of its higher concentration to the region of its lower concentration. >> Category: Others
  • Prevention of Breast Cancer.    By: Haripriya Munipalli

    Prevention of breast cancer begins with a healthy lifestyle that includes being physically active and reducing alcohol consumption. The risk of breast cancer can be lowered by changing the lifestyle. >> Category: Others
  • Friends - A Short Story    By: kishore thampi

    We walked for a long time on the beach sands, hand in hand, saying nothing. But the silence was so soothing. It was as if the waves were whispering to us. Caressing us. Comforting us. Finally the sun hid itself behind what looked like dark ominous clouds. It was getting late and the sky heralded an impending rain. I told her that it's better if we get back or else we will be caught in the rain. >> Category: Others
  • How to Retrieve Lost Data in Raleigh, North Carolina    By: Hilda Gould

    In this high-tech age, data recovery is crucial when problems occur. This is true across the globe and it is true for those working in Raleigh, North Carolina as well. Raleigh is considered a leading city in terms of businesses that are operated there and this is due, in part, to its commitment to information technology. But, as is true with most things, problems do occur and when they do happen d >> Category: Others
  • Story Telling Competition    By: kishore thampi

    There was a huge uproar amongst the audience. The applause continued even after I thanked them and walked back to my place. People were swarming all over me. Shaking hands with me. Patting my back. Congratulating me >> Category: Others
  • Inside Out (A Poem About Self Discovery)    By: Sreekumar K

    This is a poem dedicated to Jacintha Morris who rediscoverd herself with courage and is all set and ready to put it into her writing >> Category: Others
  • Risk, Fresh Employees, and Hiring Approach    By: Adnan ul Haque

    The higher is risk, higher is profit. If this is right then why fresh employees are not being considered by organisation in hiring procedures? Risk is associated in every decision organisation make so why not take a bold decision? Written by - Adnan Ul Haque >> Category: Others
  • Half - A - Man    By: kishore thampi

    As the waves cleansed his feet again and again, something flickered in his mind. A faint memory. A tiny speck of image which was ingrained in the deepest recess of his mind. The image of a shameful effeminate boy, being ridiculed for what he was. It was disturbing. That notion lasted only for a few seconds. But it was enough to create a ripple in his heart. >> Category: Others
  • Shapes of Swimming Pool    By: Ajay Jain

    Now a days swimming pool's found in different shapes. Here we are talking about shapes of swimming pool. >> Category: Others
  • The Study of Robert Lowell's Psychological Poetry - Analysis.    By: p.suresh kumar R.panneerselvam

    Abstract: This paper draws upon a recent biography of the American poet Robert Lowell and suggests a common theme linking his family, his mental illness and the content and structure of his poems. >> Category: Others
  • The Effects of Media Ownership on Mass Media Contents. (Part 1)    By: Richard Imhoagene

    As the Mass Media face tough interplay of resources and ideas hinging on the fact that there is a multiplicity of ownership in the sector. Gone are the days when the Government used to claim monopoly of the means of mass transmission of information in the country. Private individuals now compete favourably in the growing world of mass communication. What then are the implications? >> Category: Others
  • Every Revolution Was First a Thought in One Mans Mind    By: shaletta elias

    Revolution being a dramatic and far reaching change has taken place in the past and has influenced our present and will change our future.Many at times we think that one person alone can't really change anything but we are wrong if we have such a mentality because through Mahatma Gandhi,George Washington,Rousseau etc history has proved that every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind >> Category: Others
  • 25 GUIDELINES AT INTERVIEW TO FOLLOW    By: raghu yadaganti

    In Corporate Interview employer is concerned about giving candidate Job in his Organisation who is equipped with proper qualification, positive attitude, and positive interest in the company, reasonable stability, purpose with the clear mind, pleasant communication skills, performance and result oriented. . This article provides guidelines which make the candidate success in interview >> Category: Others
  • Solvency II and Its Impact on Existing Subordinated Bonds of Insurers    By: Chirag Sharma

    Independent wealth management and Bond trading firm with highly rated research, advisory and execution services in Asia, Europe and Middle East. >> Category: Others
  • Bond Issuances From China Property Sector in 2012    By: Chirag Sharma

    Independent wealth management and Bond trading firm with highly rated research, advisory and execution services in Asia, Europe and Middle East. >> Category: Others
  • Why Chelsea Were Right in Sacking Roberto Di Matteo.    By: Alex Gordon

    There are only three things that are certain during our time on this planet: life, death and a new Chelsea manager every six months. >> Category: Others
  • Who is Fooling Who? A Look at the Nigerian Government.    By: Richard Imhoagene

    Nigeria is currently facing the hardest face of its political history since the end of the civil war in 1970. With Boko-Haram, Inter-religious strife, Corruption, and Extra-judicial killings, the nation is sadly on the brink of war. With all these problems, the last thing Nigerians need is a government who delights in deceiving itself and the people it serves. 'Who Is Fooling Who?' Is a statement. >> Category: Others
  • 44th Glossary of Terms    By: Tuffy Butler

    America Redefined - Reality is what 1600 says it is >> Category: Others
  • Mass Media, Self-Reliance and National Development (Part 1)    By: Richard Imhoagene

    The Mass Media are today an informal arm of Government known as 'the fourth estate of the realm.' They have increased in scope as well as in influence. As an integral part of the country, they have an important role in the quest for self-reliance and national development. In carrying out their traditional duties of information, education, entertainment, and so on, their impact is felt considerably >> Category: Others
  • Mass Media, Self-Reliance and National Development (Part 2)    By: Richard Imhoagene

    The Mass Media have come to assume tremendous influence in all aspects of human life over the years. In the process, they have attracted titles such as 'The fourth estate of the realm', 'Watchdog of the society', and so on. This is because they have grown to become a global tool not just for information, communication, and education, but for surveillance, correlation, and mobilization. >> Category: Others
  • Say Bye to America    By: anonymous indian

    Brain drain is one of India's biggest challenges. The number of Indians going abroad is rising exponentially every year. Furthermore, the influence of western culture on the Indian youth is on the rise. This article seeks to address these issues. >> Category: Others
  • Helpful Vastu Tips For Better Home    By: clarkeal berto

    In the modern world of today it is difficult to go by the rules of vastu shastra everyday due to the restrictions of availability of space in the cities and the limits that the hectic daily routine entails. >> Category: Others
  • College Life    By: shreya sharma

    This is for those students who are going to introduced to college life >> Category: Others
  • Confused, Outsource It    By: Raja Vikram

    Gone are the days where you are worried of managing things at your own risk. Trend says, 'Outsource'. Two things, what is Outsourcing and Why to Outsource? >> Category: Others
  • The Benefits of Hiring a High Quality Lawyer For Startups    By: Fredric Auzat

    Having a nearby San Francisco Startup Lawyer throughout the continuous expansion period of a startup can enable you to avoid many challenges that harm other businesses. >> Category: Others
  • Perfumes For Men and Women    By: Mark stephens

    Most people love using perfume to maintain coolness and to give sweetness scent. Using perfume could add confidence wherever you are since you always have a refreshing scent. The fragrance of the perfume will make the user fresh all the time. >> Category: Others
  • The Most Popular Types of Christmas Trees    By: Sergey Krokhmal

    While Christmas traditions vary around the world, one tradition seems remarkably uniform, and that is the Christmas tree. In the U.S. and other Western nations, Christmas trees tend to be the focal point of all the Christmas decorations around the house, and indeed, the focal point of the Christmas Day as well. Putting the Christmas tree up and decorating it can be one of the best parts of the Christmas season. >> Category: Others
  • Canister Vacuums Give You the Freedom to Clean    By: orsons dixon

    Have you ever found yourself utterly worn out in the middle of cleaning your home? Has that sudden exhaustion stemmed from the fact that you're lugging a heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner throughout the house? There's a good chance that may be the culprit! Let's face it, upright vacuums can be seriously heavy - and pulling them around behind you from room to room can be downright tiring. >> Category: Others
  • Harvesting Hops - Use the Automatic Leaf Trimmer    By: andrew martin

    Hops are herbaceous vines that are best known for their importance to the beer manufacturing industry. The green cones or flowers of the hop plant goes into the flavouring of beer. More specifically, it is the female flower clusters that are of interest to the beer brewers >> Category: Others
  • Theodore Austin Sparks: Life and Strategy    By: Saina Singh

    This individual handles subjects concerning the Christian church, 'what any Christian church can be? >> Category: Others
  • Career as Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) in Govt Organizations    By: Ashutosh Mishra

    Strength of this article is targeted to align all the struggling and educated indian youths towards the glory and impact of government services other than private jobs as it develops a feel of well settlement with lots of social repute.Building career as Assistant Administrative Officer in Govt insurance sectors is one of the best carrier options with secured future and full job satisfaction. >> Category: Others
  • Woman Are Free Only in Mind    By: Riya Raaj

    If the world is changing at such a liberal pace then why is it that such an essential entity to its change, the female gender, is being submissed and oppressed. >> Category: Others
  • SGNCO Hires Inspection Inspectors    By: Bavya Ramanujan

    Inspection inspector is a professional who performs quality checks in any industry. In metal industry, their job is to check for the reliability, ductility, resistance to corrosion and radio activity radiations. They check whether the product meets the general product specifications and strictly adheres to the international standards. SGNCO, a scrap consulting firm hires Inspection inspectors. >> Category: Others
  • Fireplaces - From Traditional to Modern    By: Kristine Kerr

    Fireplaces have gone from traditional to very modern over the last several hundred years. Learn how they evolved. >> Category: Others

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