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About Me: "Islam Is Spread By Sweet Words And Not By sharp swords" There Is No God, but only Allah and Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him) Is His Messenger

Articles by Liyakat Shah:
  • Explanation of Surah No 101 of Quran AL-Qariah (The Striking Hour) ( 3439 reads)   

    This is an early Meccan Surah, revealed in Mecca. This Surah describes the Judgement Day as the Day of Clamour i.e. the Day of loud and confused noise. - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 100 of Quran AL-Adiyat (Those That Run) ( 2832 reads)   

    This is an early Meccan Surah. Its theme is to make man understand about his selfishness and ungratefulness to his Lord. For not believing about the Day of Judgement and having no fear of his Lord makes him go in the pit of evil - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 113 of Quran AL-FALAQ (The Dawn) ( 2722 reads)   

    THIS IS AN Early Meccan Surah. 'The Dawn' or the 'Day Break' takes its name from its name from word in the first verse. This and the following Surah are prayers for protection, this one being from fears proceeding from the unknown and from every kind of ill arising from outer nature and from darkness and evil plotting and every kind of fear, superstitions, danger and envy on the part of others - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 105 of Quran AL-FIL (The Elephant) ( 3663 reads)   

    At time of calamities and difficulties you call your Rabb Only for help and not your false gods and goddesses. That means subconsciously you know that your idol gods have no power, neither they can hear nor see or move. And this incident, so why should you not worship and thank Him Alone, And you really should follow this routine - Category: Religion
  • Explanation of Surah No 111 of Quran Al-Lahab (The Flame) ( 2345 reads)   

    Allah says that all his wealth did not cure him nor his power of children helped him in his illness and in his death nor he could blot Islam. Truly all these were just waste that he was so proud of it - Category: Religion
  • People With Authority and Positions ( 3695 reads)   

    In olden Islamic days the Governors were so honest and pious that they even did not take monthly salary more than their needs or expenditure and even the poor people had the authority to approach and discuss with them and they did not feel any bad either meeting any person or listening and solving their grievances. - Category: Careers
  • Explanation of Surah No 106 of Quran Quraish (The Custodian of Kaba) ( 2734 reads)   

    As it is said before that there were no peace in Arab world especially at nights due to robbing and looting. But none would dare touch or loot the Quraish Caravans. So with the grace of Allah they had peace. Also Allah made the city of Mecca as nonviolated city due to the pilgrimage and they did not suffer the danger of constant war fare. So they could perform their religious rites peacefully. - Category: Religion
  • Learn Smiling From Roses ( 3987 reads)   

    These small buds open every day and a new beautiful flower is visible to the world which stands in between the sharp thorns even a slight movement would pierce the flower. But in spite of such conditions it still smiles and spreads a beautiful fragrance in the atmosphere without considering anyone's race or religion - Category: Nature
  • Innocent Killings in Burma ( 4303 reads)   

    Few people of Burma went against the teachings of Gautama Buddha who once preached non-violence and chaste behaviour as a greatest principle of Buddhism. No religion in the world permits violence in any form - Category: Issues
  • Take Care of Water ( 3128 reads)   

    Water is essential commodities of our homes and daily every human come across water as soon as he or she gets up early in the morning or either goes to bed. Water plays a very important role from birth to death and we are almost associated with us - Category: Nature
  • Worldly Lust is Temporary ( 2857 reads)   

    All charms and luxury are just for time beings and we consider it as a dwelling place forever whereby we earn more and more so that this earnings would keep us happy all the time. But once the eyes are closed all that belongings becomes someone else, it may be ours yesterday but may be someone's tomorrow - Category: Religion
  • Casualties on Highways ( 3436 reads)   

    Maximum casualties occur at night. Because night is meant for sleeping and we enjoy driving till late night which is not good. Its human psychology that to some extent we can avoid sleeping but continuous waking at night and having one run drive is not possible at night - Category: Cars-Trucks-Bikes
  • Shoot Animals by Lens and Not by Guns ( 3784 reads)   

    Animals are also living beings but they do not have voice to speak like us. But they also have a pleasure of pain and happiness like humans. They can express their feelings of joy and happiness by performing certain tricks of amusement by playing in mud or water. They may run or jump or make typical sound in their joyous moods - Category: Pets
  • Hijab a Garment of Modesty ( 3688 reads)   

    Its human psychology that human visions are fascinated by the charms and beauty of females and in today's complex world Hijab is a must because day by day the clothes of female are getting lesser and lesser and body exposure has become a competition among the females in the name of fashion. They feel more relax and comfortable by wearing less or thin clothes on their body - Category: Women
  • Marriage a Bond of True Love ( 3654 reads)   

    The happiness of successful marriage blooms like a flower everyday and spreads the fragrance of true love and co-operation in the house and society that too when both the souls have a common understanding in every aspect of life. Both of them stand firm at times of joy and sorrow - Category: Women
  • Great People Never Show Off ( 3116 reads)   

    Almighty God has given some people with extraordinary talent and such people in spite of such greatness work in their life do no show off themselves. They remain calm and silent in this world people do not realize there greatness. On the other hand there are some people in this world who never lose any opportunity or time to advertise or seek publicity for their small or big work - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Islam For Whole Mankind ( 2984 reads)   

    Faith may be tested at times of joy and sorrow, if a person has firm belief and faith towards Almighty Allah in spite of any situation than it's a symptom of true faith. Great and pious people never complain but they try to clear the problematic clouds. They never give up to any situation and are constant with their faith - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Books Are Our Best Friends ( 5202 reads)   

    There are some books of great authors whose master piece is so emotional that appeals to our heart to bring in tears in the eyes of readers on basis of its plot, moves, settings and tragedy. It's well placed and balanced characters are so nicely placed, so well that appeal to our mind in terms of meanings and heart touching - Category: Writing
  • Ramadan Fast Purifies Our Soul ( 2074 reads)   

    Hadith no: 123 Narrated / Authority Of: Abu Huraira Allah's Apostle (Peace and Blessings upon Him) said, 'When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.' - Category: Religion
  • Be Satisfied With Everything ( 3096 reads)   

    Whatever Allah has written in our fortune we would get only that much of thing no one in this world has the power to increase or decrease our earnings or things without Allah's consent - Category: Management
  • Factors Causing Deterioration of Values ( 10588 reads)   

    With increasing Education, awareness in people is increasing. They are not taking values by their face value. In this process many values are discarded as blind faith or superstition - Category: Relationships
  • Present and Past Indian Politicians ( 3564 reads)   

    India is a land of rich and varied culture and tourist always flock together to see beautiful Indian culture of historical monuments. The land of India has given many patriotic politicians who laid down their life for the sake of motherland. But today's politician lacks in the department of patriotism - Category: Politics
  • Explan Explanation of Surah No 108 of Quran Al- Kauthar ( 2305 reads)   

    In this Surah as well Allah gives comfort and confidence and advice Him to have patience and not to give up His mission but keep on preaching and the success will be at his doorstep. His name will be taken with Allah in the call for each Prayer. He will be bestowed upon with ample Bounties in this world and in Hereafter and he will have a lot of followers - Category: Religion
  • Muslims Are Not Terrorists ( 3708 reads)   

    Today in western country we find many people joining the fold of Islam why? The reason is that Islam is peace and has no violence Islam is spread by sweet words and not by sharp swords. Islam is the only religion in the world which teaches preaches love, compassion, humanity, universal brotherhood, love for nation and many more - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Repent From Heart ( 2162 reads)   

    Allah loves repentance and even if any human has committed crimes or sins for his whole life and feels sad and sorrowful for his past mistakes and sins and offer prayer sincerely and seek forgiveness with rolling tears than his sins would be forgiven by Almighty Allah probably he never do it again or repeat the same action in his life - Category: Religion
  • Interfaith Marriages ( 2892 reads)   

    Marriage is just like a cart that moves with two wheels one of husband and another of wife. If both the wheels are of same size, shape, nature, quality than the cart would move further and if one differs in any of department than the cart is unable to move, and once the cart is unable to move than our life would become a problem - Category: Issues
  • Muslims Must Be United ( 2253 reads)   

    During the Holy Haj all people wear the same clothes even if a person is rich or a poor, black or white, beautiful or ugly all are lined in one straight horizontal line to remove all differences from the mind. Similarly Islam also lays more emphasis on helping and caring each other and meting each other at good and difficult times - Category: Relationships
  • Anger Comes From Devil ( 3427 reads)   

    Anger comes from shaitan and anger leads to frustration hence utmost care is to be taken if we tend to become angry. In anger a person tends to lose all his senses and it may go in any way. Sometimes anger ends in horrible violence as a question becomes of our ego - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Truth Has Many Rewards ( 2544 reads)   

    Truth can be tested at many times but it cannot be defeated, truth is fabricated and motivated by devil and he provokes people to such lies and false concept and to implement such false principles in life - Category: Self-Improvement
  • War and its Causes ( 2544 reads)   

    We know that even animals and birds fight among each other in person or in groups when they want to establish their superiority. Since human beings are animals too, they also must be indulging into same practice. But since human have power called logical thinking and reasoning, we expect that humans must resolve their issues in more peaceful ways - Category: Issues
  • Remembrance of Almighty Allah ( 1818 reads)   

    Allah is Most Merciful and Most beneficent. He does not punish us instantly very fast as soon as we committed any crime or a sin. He gives ample time for repentance. He loves forgiveness and tends to always forgive us, probably we should repent that we do not do it again or repeat the same. - Category: Religion
  • Muslim Marriages ( 3216 reads)   

    Marriage is a true relationship between two different souls that is male and female, and this relationship should be just for the sake of Allah. Marriage is an extremely beautiful relationship created by God and even Prophets (Peace and Blessings upon Them and Their Family) has undergone this procedure of marriage - Category: Relationships
  • Personality and Person ( 2525 reads)   

    Personality plays a very important role in our life. People are attracted towards our personality. Personality is the total set of qualities possessed by a person - Category: Relationships
  • Skills to Combat Disaster ( 2230 reads)   

    Building a strong mind and body, keeping ourselves mentally and physically healthy and flexible to adjust to any situation, developing presence of mind and capacity to predict the future odds that can happen in the given situation, having compassion for all those who are victims of the situations and helping all those who can be helped in the circumstances are the basic qualities one must develop to combat disinters well - Category: Education
  • Be Good With Others ( 4160 reads)   

    Islam says to be good with each other even if our neighbor is a Muslim or a Non-Muslim. The teachings of Islam have unity on the grounds of humanity. Not to underestimate or look down on anyone by his look, status or anything. Islam says there is no use of eating delicious food at home if our neighbor is hungry - Category: Relationships
  • Provisions of Human Rights in the Indian Constitution ( 6415 reads)   

    The Constitution of India is one of the lengthiest Constitutions of the world which covers almost all aspects of people. It gives equal status to all religions in India. Dr B R Ambedkar played a leading role in framing the Constitution of India. He is known as the Father of Indian Constitution - Category: Relationships
  • Causes of Stress ( 2223 reads)   

    Stress, as we have seen, is caused by a number of factors. If it is not handles well, it can ruin our life. But there are some causes of stress that are created by us. We must know, notice and handle these causes in order to reduce self created stress - Category: Education
  • Values of Behavior ( 2587 reads)   

    Values are the ways of behavior accepted by the society at a certain time and place. They change from place to place and time to time. Value Education is the education of these ways of behavior. Effectiveness of learning of these values by a new generation depends on the way in which the values are taught - Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Nature of God ( 1808 reads)   

    Allah is One and only One and has no attributes or partners. He does not have any sons or daughters to carry out His generations. He has created all the things on this universe. Surah Ikhlas is the best Surah of Holy Quran to test the Concept of God. One should find such quality of God as listed in Surah Ikhlas - Category: Religion
  • Be Kind to Animals ( 4450 reads)   

    Animals do not require delicious luxurious food and filtered mineral water like us, but at least leftover food will do so. Many domestic animals give frequent visits to some doors because they know that this is a house from where they would get little food to eat - Category: Pets
  • Epidemic Diseases ( 2488 reads)   

    Pathogens spread through contaminated water, food, air, or objects used by the patient. So, untreated contaminated water, impure polluted air etc. can cause the spread of epidemics - Category: Health
  • Knowledge is Power ( 2092 reads)   

    Knowledge a sort of thing that separates an ignorant person from learned one. Knowledge is must and without knowledge a body is like without soul. Hence it is necessary for a person to gain knowledge at any cost. Today, many institutions have sprung up with both the intension that is imparting education and earning money from it - Category: Education
  • Explanation of Surah No 112 of Quran Al-Ikhlas (The Purity) ( 2284 reads)   

    Their belief was that their gods need food and drinks. Some believed that He had a son e.g. Jews believe uzair as son of God Christians believe that Jesus is son of God. Some believe that Angels are daughters of Allah and they used to furnish their idols with jewelry - Category: Religion
  • Caring and Loving the Orphans ( 3503 reads)   

    Taking care of Orphans has very important place in Islam. Orphan means a person who does not have parents or whose parents have been lost at early age. So the responsibility comes on first to a nearby relatives if not than anyone should come forward to take care of the Orphans which has great rewards from Allah - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Good Business Good Profits ( 3583 reads)   

    But in every business if we adopt the path of honesty and truthfulness than would be a perfect person to be called as businessman but if we take help of anything odd or use any tricks of false and cheat and try to earn more and more than that is not permitted in Islam. Our intension of doing any transactions should be clear like water - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Leaders Without Leadership ( 2386 reads)   

    Many politicians in India do not know the lessons of what is political science. They have become politician by blessings of their relatives, money or some other factor - Category: Relationships
  • Explanation of Surah No 107 of Quran Al-Maun (The Small Kindness) ( 250021 reads)   

    The subject matter of this Surah is the rejection of the Day of Judgenment, its rewards and punishments. Its theme is to show that man degrade himself by having worse behavior and arrogant character due to the denial of the Day of Accounts - Category: Religion
  • Islam Teaches Universal Brotherhood ( 2327 reads)   

    Islam is such religion that teaches universal brotherhood among each other, it teaches to be kind, humble and co-operative with each other. To think as same image and respect of others as ours. So not to fight abuse or quarrel among each other - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Be Cheerful in Life ( 2372 reads)   

    We should have cheerful nature and try to mix with people and the society, greet them with love, respect and honor. If anyone meets us than be the first to go and approach them forward your hand with cheerful smile rather than waiting for them to give respect to you - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Forgiveness Has Many Rewards ( 3519 reads)   

    Forgiveness implies a fact not to retaliate against any acts of a person. The person or a people may have only one intention to abuse, torture and insult others. But people who are very much patience with their nature and behavior never fall to such circumstances - Category: Self-Improvement

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