Mother A Unique Person In Universe

Mother is the most respected person in the world. We can purchase anything in this world but we cannot purchase a real mother in this world. She never discriminate any child just as the birds care their chicks. A mother may have various kids some may be male or female and some may be physical fit some may be dependent on her throughout her life. Some are beautiful some are ugly. But all the kids irrespective of colour are given the same treatment. No discrimination on grounds of colour and so on she loves all of them.

Once a mother asked a child at home that son please tell me if I am blind one day what you would do for me. So the son promptly replied that he will consult an eye specialist in the town to get her cure as soon as possible. If this also does not works than he would fix an appointment abroad for a most famous Eye specialist doctor to make her mother happy. Than the son put the same question to her mother that what you would do my mother if I become blind. The moment the mother heard this she was worried and surprised. She said that if any of his kid becomes blind then she would donate her own eyes for the sake of her kids to see this beautiful world.

This statement shows the kind of love, care and affection a mother has for her kids. She would sacrifice herself for the sake of others just to make them happy. This sacrifice can only be given by a mother and none other humans in this world. Ask to those people who do not have mothers. Mother is the most respected figure in the world. No other humans can ever take her place. She is unique person. She always wants her kids to be happy and live a happy and prosperous life. Even at old age when her grown up children do not care for her she still neglects all such things and thinks positive about them. Our real service to mother is judge at the times when both or either of them become old and needs our care and attention. But very sad to say that at such times we neglect her and leave her at her own cost which is not good. Service to mother is service to God so one must note this point to love and take care our parents.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession