Worldly Lust Is Temporary

Human being thinks that the presence world is the only thing that is all and does not think about another world after death and very sad to say that very few people care for it or prepare for it. The main reason is that we do not have fear of Almighty Allah Rabuul Izzat and just feel very happy and fine by doing those unwanted things that are not permitted in Islam. Our vision and our thinking ability are so much involved with current satisfactory things that we do not have any time to think about that one day we have to disappear from this world. Our vision or earnings by any means has become so popular that we do not consider it as bad and if anyone who dare to speak to us about its evil consequences than we mere just neglect and list him in fools and this has being ours mentality. If the things favor us according to our thinking than we have ample time to listen and here it and if possible we also may approach anyone anywhere for our gains. This is what for whatever love we have for present world. All charms and luxury are just for time beings and we consider it as a dwelling place forever whereby we earn more and more so that this earnings would keep us happy all the time. But once the eyes are closed all that belongings becomes someone else, it may be ours yesterday but may be someone's tomorrow.

We are so much attached to the world that we do not want hear anything bad or evil about it. Present world has charms and attraction in the form of money and so on. We are eagerly fascinated towards it by its look and appearance and this is the reason that we have almost forgotten Allah Jalleshahno and also the principles of Islam. The devil is so cunning that it shows the fantasy of the world in various forms and just waits for every moment to divert our attention from our Lord. Very sad to say that in today's world we do not even have time for Prayers and repenting from our bad sins. Remember life is for a short span of time and everyone has to depart on a selected time no one would be left behind. So the charms and fantasy would fade according to the passage of time. Have we ever thought about a life after death for which we need a lot of preparations? Mere just wasting our precious time and life in no things has no reason so we must show concern for it. Remember Islam does not say not to enjoy our life. But Islam says to love and enjoy our life and to lead a happy and prosperous life for the will of Almighty Allah and to follow the Sunnat of Prophet Mohammad (Peace And Blessings Upon Him And His Family)

May Almighty Allah give us Hidayat Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession