How To Convert To Islam
Converting to Islam is very simple and does not require any of odd or big things. In order to convert to Islam one has to just say the Shahada to take your Shahada (i.e. make the confession of faith), just make your best attempt at pronouncing, in Arabic, the statement, "Ashadu an (I bear witness that) La ilaha il Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah". Which means to have firm believe form heart, mind, body and soul that we believe in One God that is Allah Jalle Shahnaho and Prophet Mohammad Peace And Blessings Upon Him is His Messenger. If one have firm believe in this statement than he rejects all sorts of other man-made Gods or deities. Allah is one and only one who does not have any idol, portrait, or any son or partners with Him He is alone and all things in the universe are governed by His fixed laws. Islam means complete submission to the will of God. If a person who believes in one God and believes in Prophets and continues to follow other Gods and worships other Gods than he would not be termed as a Muslim because Islam believes in only one God that is Allah who is alone and has no other deities or partners of Him. After believing in Shahada one enters in the fold of Islam and now it is necessary for a person to follow the principles of Islam as prescribed by Allah Rabbul Izzat and His Prophet Mohammad Peace And Blessings Upon Him. Islam has five pillars which include Shahada, Solat, Fast, Charity and Haj. Shahada means to believe that There is no God but only Allah and Prophet Mohammad Peace And Blessings Upon Him is His Messenger. Solat means a Muslim has to offer five times a prayer known as Solat. Fast means to keep a fast from dawn to dusk in the Holy month of Ramadan. And Charity means to give Zakat in the form of money or things of left over annual wealth and the percentage is 2.5 % of left over amount. Haj means a pilgrimage to perform holy Haj once in a life time if one has the money to do so. Once joining in Islam we must believe is Allah, His Prophets, Holy Books, Angels and Day of Judgments.

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