Personality And Person

Personality plays a very important role in our life. People are attracted towards our personality.

Personality is the total set of qualities possessed by a person. These qualities make a person as he appears in front of people at large. Some people are liked by all, while others are not. This is because when a person has personality that is acceptable by people living in that area, people accept him and like him. But if a person has a personality that is not acceptable by the people living in that area, he is not accepted or liked by people.

Our personality develops a strong and healthy person. This kind of personality can make us successful in our future life. As we grow, we face lots of tensions and stress. If we know how to handle it, we can use the stress and tensions for our growth instead of letting these things take away our strength. If not handled well, stress can lead to many ailments like spine or joint pains, heart problems or blood pressure that may even cost our life.

We learn ways to earn by way of taking up jobs or doing business. While doing this, we must learn basic of business and money earning. Without this knowledge, one may do sincere hard work like an animal, but still cannot grow in life. This is the reason why many people cannot grow in life though they are good hear ted, sincere, honest and hardworking people. Smartness is needed along with sincerity to succeed in life.

We also come across situations where we are denied our natural rights and we feel that we are helpless. The legal mechanisms refuse to help us even when we deserve help and guidance. These are the times when we realize that we must have a basic knowledge of the human rights provided to us and duties expected from us by law. With the help of this knowledge, we may be able to get justice we deserve.
We must learn how to handle all these situations and keep on doing successful work in life.

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