Make Our Earnings Pure And Halal

Earnings a form of money required for satisfying our daily needs of food shelter and clothing. It may vary in terms of people depending upon their qualifications, caliber and work. In our society we have different class of people. Everyone earns money to satisfy his or her family. But if this earnings is by fraud and foul means than there is no use of such earnings. As it is not permitted in Islam to have any source or earnings by fraud means rather than our pure or Halal way of earnings, even a single paisa earned by unwanted means rather than pure way is not tolerated in Islam. We should be satisfied by our earnings and should use it according to our expenditure and not to crave for more and more things which are not in our reach. An earnings earned by pure and Halal means has blessings and Baraqat of Allah Subhano Watala and we could not think about the blessings of God it's very vast than our vision to think. Remember fraud and false earnings may give a time being satisfaction to us and we may derive time being pleasure from it, because the charms of such things are very fantastic and attractive because for such work we do not have to work out or planned out anything, because people themselves approach to us with such amenities and things to get their work done and so they intend to spoil their Emaan a firm believe in God by taking few coins or notes of bribery and treachery. Person feels very happy and thinks he is so nice and happy person and thanks God that he has all satisfaction in life, but actually all that satisfaction has the base of unwanted earnings. He may not feel it that it is unwanted money but it's a fact and truth. Some people have a misconceptions in their mind that take it an opportunity as long as we are working so make use of our post and try to amass as much as wealth as we can than till we have the post or job than after the time of retirement we would repent and seek forgiveness from God. Actually this procedure is totally wrong if we consider fraud and false means as bad after retirement and how come possible it became good when we were working. Evil or bad things are bad whether we are at work or at any place. Bad thing cannot take place of good things; it would remain bad as ever. Many people are seen joining the Mosques and frequently visiting religious places after they retire or become old. They think all this are things that are to be done in old age. It's very dangerous thinking from the point of view of such people as soon as a person is born and joins the fold of Islam he or she has to obey the principles of Islam. One cannot say that Islam is after retirement or old age its wrong phenomena Islam is always. So from now on wards make a pledge that we would have our pure and Halal earnings from any of our occupation or source we have. Not to think or indulge in any fraud or false means it would ruin our life and spoil our Emaan. If anyone wants to improve his earnings than do improve it by fair and clean means as prescribed by Islam and InshaAllah it would have a lot of Baraqat in it. May Allah Subhano Watala give us hidayat to earn pure and Halal earnings. Ameen
Mr. Liyakat Shah
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