Great People Never Show Off

Almighty God has given some people with extraordinary talent and such people in spite of such greatness work in their life do no show off themselves. They remain calm and silent in this world people do not realize there greatness. On the other hand there are some people in this world who never lose any opportunity or time to advertise or seek publicity for their small or big work. Great people are great with their work and character. They never have any intention of doing any work for themselves, for them happiness of others is their happiness. They feel happy when people around them are happy. They eat less food and lead a very simple life full of services for mankind. They do not go in for any irrelevant chat or talk. When they talk they talk about truth and honesty. They always speak the truth and dare to speak with any conditions. They do not waste their precious time in discussing any useless things. But when they talk they talk about good principles of life and betterment of society.

If we take the example of today's religious people than we would realize that it is a fact, today we find that whenever there is any religious social mass gathering than the main orator or chief guest who is the main person needs all top class facilities for giving his few minutes speech. An arrangement is to be made by the organizer of the programmer regarding to and fro journey either by flight, Ac train or by any private vehicle which would cost in mere thousands plus. Similarly care is to be taken regarding delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner and a money is to be given as a gift according to the deal so one single religious program would cost very high. Such types of people take the label of religion but they work against the principles of religion, as they do not compromise with simplicity and just needs top class facilities. From the appearance and speech they may show that they are so much concerned with religion but from inside they have opposite behavior. Had the intention of the orator be simple just taking a to and fro fair than it is a symptoms of great people. Great people do not go in for luxury and comfort nor do they show off themselves. Great people hide from all charms and lust they just do the work for the people. They often avoid going in fun, celebrations and any jubilations. They plan activities for the people.

Hence it is rightly said that "Great people never show off, but people make arrangements for their shows".

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession