Explanation of Surah No 95 of Quran AT-TIN (The Fig)
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
This is an Meccan Surah.

This Surah appeals to the most sacred four symbols to show that Allah created man in the best of the moulds, but the man is capable of utmost degradation unless he has Faith and leads a Righteous life since the Final Judgement is sure to come.

These four sacred symbols are the Fig, the olive, Mount Senai, and the Sacred city of Mecca. The figs and the Olives are very delicious, but in its wild state it is nothing but a tiny seeds and in size it is conspicuous. The figs grow most in Syria and olives in Palestine where most of the Prophets were introduced by Allah from Abraham (A.S) to Jesus (A.S) who were the Prime examples of Allah's Righteous creatures. Next is Mount Senai Where the Laws were given to Prophet Moses (A.S) to lead his Nation of Israel on Righteous and where the Glory of Allah was made visible to him. The last is the city of Mecca. Its foundation was laid by Prophet Abraham who witnesses the example of Righteous by blotting out the ancestral idolism and flying the flag of the worship of One True God and made it a peaceful city. But now this sacred city is full of idolaters and corruptions, where no one has any peace and the same city abused the greatest Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Therefore Allah says that these symbols refer to Allah's Light of Revelation which offers man the highest destiny if he will follow His Righteous ways. It also shows that Allah created man in the best possible moulds by giving him faculty of knowledge thus made him Vicegenerant that no other His creation could compete him. Allah says that the man by striving in His way can achieve the noble destiny and righteous deeds but when he falls at his worst, he is lowest of the low, goes down so deep in his evil deeds without any shame so much so that he leaves no respect for himself nor for his fellow beings, falling lower that the beast e.g. the beast will go after one prey only when he is hungry and he does not kill the general killings of many animals in his greed, but on the contrary man in his greed invent dangerous bombs, arms and ammunition to kill a lot of men in one go for his satisfaction. He will have no shame to rape old or young or even little children and then murder them, thinking no one has any power to stop him. So with Allah's universal scheme that if man likes the evil so much, so let him go for it. Then he goes so deep in sins that he falls lowest of the lower than the beasts and he will be kept in the lowest possible position if he rebels his Lord for Judgement is sure to come.

You can see these two types of people in the human society the Righteous and the wrong doers, so how you expect their consequences should be the same? E.g. if you have any claim of any kind then don't you approach to the Court of Justice? Therefore the Final Judgement has to come where in His court of Justice. Allah will punish the wrong doers and they cannot escape from His Grip. While the Righteous has nothing to fear and will get the Best rewards by their Lord in the Hereafter.

The Summary is taken from the Book "The Pearls Of Wisdom" by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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