How to pass English Paper ?

The word English itself has many fear and frustrations in the mind of the pupil. For no reason the pupils fear of it. Every language has its own charms and history hidden in it. It's very simple and lucid language if understood by a person. English is the only language which is spoken widely all over the world. It acts as a link between the people who speak other dialects. In today's world one has to have enough knowledge of English to stand in this complex world wherever one goes he or she has to be acquainted with English. It is must for the students of class 10th and 12th because it is a trying point of their life to mold their carrier for future.

Many students fear for English subject. The question paper should be welcomed with smile on their face to remove all misconceptions for the subject. We ought to remove negative approach from this subject. The present pattern and syllabus of English is framed in such a way that we can be bold and cope ourselves with the world around us. Memorization of any content in English is not to be given top priority on the hold a thorough reading of every lesson and poem with meaning and understanding would add boon to our preparations. One should understand vocabulary and meanings of every big and small word which he or she is reading by making use of glossary or dictionary. If possible we should note it down in a book to keep a lesson wise record which would give an upper hand preparation in our studies. Unless and until one understand the passage or a poem one would not be able to solve the factual questions of it. Hence understanding of lesson or a Poem is a must. Application questions are not found in the passage or a Poem but we can get an idea or a clue from the passage or a poem. That question has to be written by the student in his or own words which should be grammatically correct to give full marks for that question. The preparation of English board paper should be done in advance. That is the students of class 9th should prepare themselves for 10th and students of class 11th should prepare themselves for class 12th which would save their time. The Seen passages and Poems of class 10th and 12th should be considered as Unseen passages and Poems for class 9th and 11th. This would result in informally solving of Unseen passages and Poems of English paper of board. Similarly in writing skill the compositions and letters topics related with current as well as past should be solved as much as possible. This would result in solving of relevant content of board by a student. Time duration also has an important role in solving English paper. If one do not know the answer of any question than concentrate on other questions without wasting your precious time. English paper should be written systematically. The questions and sub- questions should be written systematically for the examiner to assist the paper easily. Every answer of passage or a Poem is to be written on a new page. Language paper has the pattern of 80-20 that means 80 marks written paper and 20 marks for oral. Never to think just mere of passing English subject but think of getting distinction and merit marks.

Grammar which is the base of every language it is a type of meter which judge the written and spoken sentences or a dialogues. Continuous drilling of exercises given by the teacher or instructor would make a person fluent in grammatical skills. Try to find out what and why make such sentence if one develops such ability than he or she would master over the matter. Read and learn grammatically rules prescribed and given in lower classes. It is often neglected by the students. Even if we just read think for a sentence and read its instructions we may be in a position to trace out its truth.

Another important factor is that our English writing should be neat, clean, bold and legible. Good hand writing has an impact and impression work over the examiner. Our work written in good and systematic way would often result in getting good marks in English subject. Margin should be drawn big enough to occupy the space for giving marks for the related questions. Scribbling, scratching, cutting, rubbing, over writing in English paper should be avoided as far as possible. Reading of extra materials rather than English subject should be done regularly. If possible few hours should be devoted to read current news, affairs, sports, magazines, newspapers, religious texts and so on, which would relax your mind from your regular studies and provide you a tonic for your subject. Similarly more and more emphasis should be given in solving previous English question papers which would give clear cut idea of board paper in terms of its sequence pattern content and so on.

Sincere and Whole heartedly Prayer before and after the paper is must. Remember Life is also an examination one has to answer for his or her deeds think good be good and act good

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