Unemployment A Blot On Society

If we take the literal meaning of unemployment it would be as a well qualified person who remains jobless would be termed as a unemployed person. There are many factors responsible for the on going employment. Daily we find students and people passing out several examinations or technical courses. But finds very complicated to find any job of his or her choice. There are many causes for growing unemployment. The alarming population is one such reason. There are few handful seats vacant in any Government or private sectors but the applicant and application reaching are ten times greater than the post. We find thousands of people applying for one single post. Another reason may be now a days qualified person just runs after Government jobs on account of various facilities and pension and so on.

In private sector they have many misconceptions about jobs. Another reason may be corruption which adds fuel to unemployment. People just reserve their jobs by paying huge amount of money and thus their post is reserved. Personal gains, relatives, relationship, money play a vital role for their selection procedure. Here they are counted in terms of quantity and not in terms of quality. The real candidate is denied from the selection level. The whole procedure of selection is just for show off and lacks in reality shows. Paper work is kept up-to-date and very often records are maintained. The other people who come for an interview in response to the advertisement often dream of getting job in future but it just a dreams and never comes true.

Another reason is that guys should be positive to do any work be of his choice or not. Be practical in life take example of China which is densely populated country is an example of its own kind. Even though it is first in terms of population in the world there the people utilize their precious time in doing any job, work which they like or dislike. We should take a lesson from them. We should adjust ourself with any work a day will come when success will be in our hands. Similarly there are many jobs in private sectors which pays a nice handsome salary according to our caliber. It is through these measures that we can solve the problem of unemployment.

Mr. Liyakat Shah M.A (Eng) B.ED

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles