The literal meaning of melodious word Hijab means to cover. Hijab is the part and parcel of females residing around the globe. However there are many misconceptions about it in the minds of the people. Hijab has been used since ages and even today it is worn by muslim ladies in the world.

Depending upon the time hijab has also undergone many specific changes from time to time, but the intention is firm and remains the same as to cover one's body. It has undergone various changes in terms of cloth,look, shape, size, lusture, colour, design, appearance and so on. There are many nations which are famous for making classic scarfs and hijab Indonesian and Malaysian scarfs and hijab are famous world wide. There are skillful workers who blend to make the master piece of it. It is refferred by many names such as hijab, jijab, naqab, burkha, batik, veil and so on. Hijab is nothing but a type of covering female body to prevent any kind of exposure to males. By wearing hijab a lady can move freely in markets, public places, duties and so on. There is no kind of any restrictions and so on from the point of women. It is carried on since ages and sisters around the world should prevent this legacy.

Hijab reflects islamism. By hijab a women feels much secure and relived. Hijab adds beauty to her appearance. There are many muslim women who participate in sportive events by wearing special type of hijab specially worn for sports purpose. Now adays even non-muslims girls and women intend to wear scarfs in order to protect themselves from cold and hot sun. It is so that hijab has many advantages hidden in it. It act as a protective coverings for weather.

It also allows them to make their movements freely in order to walk or do any manual work with ease and comfort. It makes lady to feel much relax from all kind of bondage. Hence there should not be any kind of misconceptions regarding hijab. It should be welcomed with proud, honour and dignity.

She is not only a girl but also a sister, wife, women and grandma. So she has full right to cover her body the way she likes. Our happiness lies in appreciation and not in criticism.

Mr. Liyakat Shah. M.A(Eng)B.Ed

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Teacher by profession and loves to pen articles