We are living in modern world and everywhere we go we come across English language. But very sad to say that our students do not feel comfortable with English especially our non-English medium students, there are many reasons for that the first and foremost is that they have fear for English subject.

The teacher, syllabus and student remain the focal point as all three are associated and interdependent with each other. An English teacher plays a very vital role in this whole process. It is the responsibility of the teacher to deliver proper message of the content to the pupils and for this purpose he has to plan out annually, monthly and daily to make use of resources and deliver the whole content and do necessary evaluation to get out the best result of it.
Well the content of English framed by educationist should go in for more simple and easy. They should have simple and lucid lessons based on current, informative and international topics and also have due place for activities. Likewise student may learn by such measures. Similarly answers should be based upon objectives, marking, labeling and drawing. Questions should be based on simple logic rather than reasoning and analytical and complicated approach.

Similarly student should be taught so as to why they have to learn English. A teacher syllabus and the content should remove fear from the student. Similarly the lessons should be based upon unity, brotherhood, nationalism and national integration. Student should feel free enjoyable and desperately wait for English teacher and English period. Activities, projects, and assignments should motivate the student to approach as good learner for English. A student of English should be judged on performance and skills and not on basis of paper test.

There should be lesson based on serious topics such as pollution, population, global warming and this topics should have a place in content. World is advancing in information technology so it should also have place for it.

Altogether we may say that English should go in for more simple and easy. The student should give a nice smile as soon as they get a question paper in their hand.

For any problems or suggestions in English feel free to interact with any English teacher. Remember one should not feel shy in education no one is perfect in this world.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession