Never Give Up In Life
Life is a combination of success and failure. Some people get success at a very first step and some struggle throughout their life to taste a bit of success. But many a times with failure in life people give up and do no tend to dream or think of starting or experimenting new ways in life and even if anyone who approaches to them to go in for any opportunity than they have negative approach that they are the unsuccessful people and success is not made for them. Rather they even tend to cross the limits by saying words against the nature of law.

There are many people in this world who thinks that success is not in their life and they give up mere just at one experience. Young generations especially who are at teen age do not think beyond failure and they give up at first step some even think of ending life which is a wrong perceptions. Running away from the problem is not the proper solution for anything. We ought to try again and again till we achieve it and more important thing is that we ought to fix our goal and plan in advance in all spheres to achieve our goal. Just by going without any aim and objectives in life would not give any sweet fruits in life. We have to prepare our self mentally and physically to achieve our goal in life. Going without any homework or prior preparations would not give us success.

We can take an example of an ant who is so small creature that it can be blown away just by puff or a wind may blew it away. But it has high esteem for his work and never gives up in spite of several hardships in life. If the ant wants to climb a straight and smooth wall which is a difficult task but still the ant dare to experiments it by climbing and gets the results of failure in the form of falling down. But still the ant never gives up and tries several times by changing paths, directions, way, procedure and so on to reach its goal.

Similarly in life we should also never give up hopes and keep on finding and opening another door for achieving our goal. Just giving up or becoming nervous at first step is a sign of unsuccessful person. Similarly we should never blame our luck, fate or fortune for our work. We can be lucky in life we have any specific goals in life we should look forward to fulfill it.
So be good in life and do not give up at any cost you may be tested many times by your efforts and work. Ultimately it is God who would bless you with success probably you are a hard worker in life.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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