Explanation of Surah No 98 of Quran AL- BAIYINAH (The Clear Evidence)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful:

Some learned men say about this Surah that it was revealed in Mecca while some says that it was revealed in Median. The topic is to say that a Messenger or a Warner is necessary with a Holy Book to bring the stray people on the righteous. The stray people may be from the people of the Book e.g. Jews and Christians who have their mixed their pure Holy Books of Bible and Tora Which were inspired by their Lord with their own made laws to suit their own fantasies and desires, or they may be from Pagans either completely rejecting One True God or believing in Oneness of Allah, but worshiping different self made gods and goddesses and giving Allah's Attributes to them. Therefore it was necessary with Allah's Mercy to send the promised Mohammad (PBUH) and the Holy Book of Quran to correct them and to modify their Holy Books in which they have made a lot of changes by their own mixed up ideas and to make them understand to differentiate between Rights and Wrongs with correct guidance from their Lord so that they will know where they were going wrong.

Then Allah says about the corruption of the People of Books that they were given the guidance by their Lord in the inspired Books which were Pure and Holy and they were given the Messenger Moses and Jesus but they mixed up Allah's True Books with their own fancies by worshiping from Allah's own creation created by Him and giving them the degree of god which Allah has never allowed them to do so e.g. Jews say Uzair as son of God and the Christians says Jesus as son of God or one of the three. They have mixed their True Religion with falsehood. Therefore they are fully responsible for their own consequences.

Allah says that all of them were ordered to worship One True God, perform their prayers and give Alms to the poor and needy, which had been a True Religion from centuries and Mohammad (PBUH) announces the same True Religion. Therefore with His Mercy, He has sent the last Messenger and the True Guidance in His Inspired Book of Quran. So from the people of the Book and the polytheist if any one rejects His Messenger and His Holy Books of Quran, so he will not be able to escape from the worst punishment of the Fire of Hell where he will remain there forever.
Man is Allah's best Creation who had been given the faculty to differentiate between good and evil, but it is very sad that he does not use his reason, instead he disbelieves and disobeys his Lord and rejects His Messengers.

In the end Allah says that whoever from the People of Book and from the polytheist repents and come to the righteous will believe and worship One True God and obeys Him and His Last Messenger (PBUH) sent by Him and will do plenty of good deeds will be rewarded with the promised Gardens of Paradise. Allah well pleased with him he well pleased with his Lord.

The Summary is taken from the Book "The Pearls Of Wisdom" by Mrs. Badria Kazim (May Allah shower Blessings And Mercy upon Her)
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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