Zam-Zam Is The Best Water in The World
ZAM-ZAM Water is a refreshing, sweet, pleasant tasting, easy digestible, boundlessly blessed, virtuous and honourable water. It enjoys such blessings and virtues, which no other water can be compared to.

Prophet Peace And Blessings Upon Him said that, had Hadhrat Haajira (Peace And Blessings Upon Her) not done this, this water would have become like a sea rather than a spring, and it would have saturated the entire earth.
The water of zam-zam is that well / spring which was a comfort and saviour of Hadhrat Haajira, when she was grieved and hopeless. It was the wondrous miracle of Hadhrat Jibraeel-e-Ameen (Alaihi salaam), which is satiating the thirst of the believers of Tauheed, since 2000 years before Hadhrat Isaa (Alaihi salaam). The magnetic effect of this incomparable water attracted the Banu Jurhum to its friends (Hadhrat Ismaeel and Haajira- alaihimus salaam) and made therm a companion to them, and turned this desolate place into the Islamic headquarters.

The details of this incident are as follows, when Hadhrat Ebrahim (Alaihi salaam) was ordered by Allaah Ta'ala to leave his chaste wife, Hadhrat Haajira (alaiha salaam) and his innocent baby, Hadhrat Ismaeel (Alaihi salaam) in the desert of Arabia, with no friend or helper, then the answer to the sustenance of life for this 'forlorn' mother and son was given within a few days. The innocent child was striking his heels upon the ground due to severe thirst. The mother was also becoming restless due to the lack of water, and she ran up one mountain, and down again and ascended the other mountain, in search of water, bopping to find something to sustain the life of her child.

Hadhrat Jibraeel (Alaihi salaam) made an appearance. With a strike of his heels, or an indication of his hands, or his wings, a spring started flowing.

As soon as the water was sighted, Hadhrat Haajira was overtaken with joy. Her sadness and despondency was immediately removed and replaced by sheer joy. She quenched her own thirst and that of her child. She filled a container with the water and built a sand wall around the spring in order to dam it up.

Zamzam is superior, in relation to any other type of water, for numerous reasons. One specific characteristic, apart from many of its other attributes, is that it is food for the hungry and a cure for the sick.

Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas (Radhi Allah Anhu) states that Zamzam was a great help for him in raising a family. He states that they termed it as 'Shubba'ah' (filler of the stomach).

One of the attributes of Zamzam is of its ability to be used as a cure. The Prophet (Sallulla ho alyhy waslum) himself is reported to have carried Zamzam in pitchers and water skins back to Madinah. He used to sprinkle it over the sick and make them drink it. (Baihaqi)

The water of Zam-zam has also been medically and chemically proven to contain elements that are beneficial for the stomach, liver, intestines and kidneys
The statement of certain doctors and philosophers that Zam-zam, due to the fact that the well is sealed and therefore devoid of air and sunlight, is bad for one's health has been made out of ignorance. They have failed to take into consideration that Zam-zam is unlike other wells in that it is a flowing spring that runs from Hajar-e-Aswad. Their statements are merely made to undermine the excellence of Zamzam.

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