One has to be clean and pure in character and this may happen only when one posses fear of God. It is must for a person to bear good and moral character. Very often a person is offered remembered by his or her pious nature and attitude. It is utmost important for a person to maintain the same attitude and behavior all through his life. It is also seen in present and past world many people have won many battles and events by means of pious behavior and good character. Now the question before us is that how to have a good and pious character. It is a simple procedure and does not need any lot of things to be done. The first and foremost thing is that it is the responsibility of mothers to inculcate such nice character in the mind of the children. Basic lessons of good characters which are to be taught to the children from childhood stories related to moral character to be taught to the child and if possible they are also to be implemented in practical life. Some generous good deeds work is to be done in their presence and if possible they should be given some responsibility of donating or charity or some generous work with their own hands which would have and impact of generosity in their mind to have a helping nature from the childhood. Fear of God at all times is must and if anything goes wrong than repentance is to be done then and there to realize the fear of God not to be repeated again.

Today we find that many people have forgotten the basic lessons of honesty and truthfulness and in every walk of life they tend to cheat and betray people by any means and people who even know the lessons of honesty are surrounded by the boards of name and fame so the procedure becomes just for show off meaningless and loses its attitude of serving society.

We can build our good character by having simple and honest nature. We ought to be good in all our work be it at home our personal life or with the masses. Man is known for his good character he posses. People often remember work and behavior of a person and his work insist the persons to remember him. Purity in work can be achieved when people think well as good and bad as bad. If the difference of good and bad is not recognized and people consider bad work as equivalent to good work than one cannot achieve purity in character. People with good and pious nature do not advertise themselves. But on the contrary they hide from such publications. They tend to remain silence even if people criticize or tease them. For them silence is better than peace. They work for the betterment of the society.

Mr. Liyakat Shah
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