Democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln that it is for the people by the people and of the people. This is the literal meaning given by the famous learned scholar. India the land of multilingual linguistic grandiosity has experienced the caliber of holding the crown of largest democracy in the world. India's constitution almost cover each and every aspect of Indians.

Recently India would go on by polls in hot summer season that is in the month of May. So the atmosphere is evenly hot and emotionally charged with Indian politicians and supporters. Since then a decade now the scenario has completely changed and now we have coalitions government in the form of many regional and national parties mingle each other not to let the opportunity go away from their hands. It is the history of India at any times of any general elections starting from Gram Panchayat to Member of Parliament the contestant showers his hypocritical attitude his love, care, affection comes out with flying colours to prove as if he or she is the member of our family or born for the cause of the people.

In India every elections are being held after a span of every five years and every five years witnessed change in some or the other way. People in every constitutions are alert enough to scale the work of their representative. Only those people are being elected as their representatives who proves to be boost for peoples grievance or problems. Noways the situation has completely changed especially the way of canvassing and popularity has undergone drastic changes. The politicians cross their limits so they are being questioned by the Election Commissioner for breaking the Model code of conduct. They beg for votes by taking the help of religion. Development should be the core factor. We have margenilised the development projects and replaced it by those things that prove hinder for the developed society. What ever the party who ever the candidate may be the mandate should be clear and aim at developing and shinning India. Imagine all those 550 members chosen from each constituencies if focus on cause and development of India than a day would come when the dream of our freedom fighters would come true.

Already India is suffering from various problems of population, malnutrition, poverty, unemployment, slums, shelter, water and so on. These are the things that can be irradiated completely had it being considered serious by these people. Voting especially by the youths should be must and its they that can bring change in sending qualitative representatives for the parliament. Just by neglecting that what is of use of our votes or what our single vote can do nothing are the symptoms of negative thinking. It is here that by voting you can answer to your problem, only those people that stand in terms of your caliber should be elected as representatives.

Politicians on the other hand should keep the same momentum, zeal, service, co-operation throughout their life and not to have temporal behaviour but speak to the people by their work than by emotionally charged speeches. Its then only that we can repeat the famous words for India as a Golden Bird

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