Developing Good Habits

As we have seen, habit is something that binds us and channels our behavior. This means, as we go on doing that thing regularly, we get used to it and then we need not be always conscious about it. Our system can help us do this thing automatically.

Good habits are good patterns of behavior that helps us grow in life and give happiness to both ourselves and others. Punctuality, time management, discipline, modesty, neatness, honesty, politeness, respectful attitude as well as assertiveness are good habits.

These habits help as grow into lovable, pleasant and powerful individuals. So, we must be conscious in selecting, following and developing such good habits. When we consciously learn to keep time frames, our ability to study and work can not only increase, but it can also multiply.

Balancing study, hobbies and leisure while care of time frames, we must keep in mind that just as study is not only thing that we should do in life, hobbies or leisure too is not the only things too.

The children who do not learn leisure well get bored in the vacation. Such children do not have any hobbies. This is due to the reasons that their parents make them feel that hobby is waste of time.
In fact hobby is doing something that gives you an inner pleasure and satisfaction on doing it. One can get totally engrossed in doing something when it is one's hobby. Then one never feels the stress of work because that is the work of one's interest.

On the other hand, when study does not interest, it causes inner resistance and tiredness after sometime. You must have noticed that you get tired while studying some subjects but simply enjoy while studying some others. This is because the subjects you like will have the potential of becoming your hobby while the subjects you do not generate inner resistance that make you tired or stressed if you struggle to pursue it beyond limit.

So it is a good idea to combine study with hobby in case of subjects we like and take intervals of our time of study and we can study a lot in a lesser time. Learning to use leisure and rest constructively them with hobbies cannot only help us stay more relaxed, but also can increase our productive ability and grasping. On knowing how to use our leisure well in combination with study, we cannot get based.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession