Breaking Bad Habits

Bad habits are the outcome of bad company means friends hence one should be cautious to choose their friends. Be careful while choosing or selecting friends. It is hard to find such good friends but not impossible. Remember habits that are inculcated at childhood and remain deep penetrated in the mind of people. So think a lot before you choose a friend. Good friends can help you at difficult time and help you in solving your problems. If one have any bad habits than leave it without a delay. If any part of our body has some wound than we do not cut that part and throw it away but, we cure it so if anyone who has a bad habit should correct it as soon as possible. It's a human psychology that bad things have a lot of charms and they get attraction very soon hence a person is more used to do any bad things and always neglects to do good things. As bad things and habits are provoked by devil who feels very happy if any one does it or thinks about it. Time is very important and once time goes it would never come back again. So say no to bad habits and say yes to good habits.
Not doing our study and work in time is taken as a very bad habit for any student. Also as a child grows, he may develop bad habits like gossiping or bitching after observing these habits in some elders or friends. There are also some other bad habits that children develop as they grow and they name it as the trend of present time.
One must remember that habit is something that binds us. Addiction is the habit which makes us restless if not followed. Bad habit is attitude of repeatedly doing something that harms us or others and causes pain in long time.
If we apply the above definition to anything we do, we can identify our own bad habits. Then others will not have to tell us about them. Once we identify our bad habits, we must consciously work to overcome them and get a freedom from these bad habits.
Bad habits can be removed and noting is impossible in this world but the condition is that we have to make up our mind for that and think bad as a bad which would spoil our life. Remember a person is not bad but a habit is bad. It may be any circumstances or instance that would have made him so and so he or she has adopted the path of doing some bad in life. But not to worry and things would be alright soon. So give up any bad habit if you have without any delay.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession