Solat it is a type of offering Prayer to Almighty God Allah who is the Creator of this universe and human beings. It is since ages that the traditions of offering Solat is carried on and its glory is and would be maintained by the generations to come. Solat is a type of offering a prayer to Almighty God to forget all worries of worldly life and to remain intact and close with blessings and mercy of God. We have five types of Solat which is offered by every Muslim be it male or female all around the globe. Solat must be offered at its given specific or calculated time depending upon the geographical condition of a particular region. One cannot leave a Solat mere just by giving any excuse or any reason. It is mandatory for every healthy person to do it, only females are exempted for few selected days that is during her days of periods. After that she can do it as usual.

Solat can be shorten at the time of journey, illness, or any other specific genuine reason. Before Solat one has to do Wudu which means cleaning of our mouth, hands and feet with clean water. It is a type of actions for cleaning or washing few of our body parts compromising of hands, mouth, ears, face, hands, feet etc. There is a movement of fingers and hands to do Masa to remove any dirt or dust from our hairs. It's a simple procedure which has to be done before offering Solat. If we do not find water at ease or in spite of availability of water one may not use it because it may cause certain harm to his or her body or because of certain ailment, so at that time one can do Tayyamum which means rubbing of hands with mud over our hands and face can also be equivalent as Wuzu.

Solat is must for every individual since the time of adolescent. We may also give corporal punishment to children if they fail it to do it regularly. Every Farz or mandatory Solat must be offered collectively in Mosque. All men irrespective of colour, caste, creed, tribe, family, state or a nation would lined up straight in a queue to stand after Imam to seek blessings and mercy of Allah. Its a unique example of universal brotherhood that is depicted in Islam. Even a king, prince of its time would stand next to a beggar or a slave of its time. A prayer should be offered whole heartedly leaving and remembering all boons or worldly lust and desires. Our Solat should result in bring desired spiritual, social, changes in our life and attitude. Others cause and sufferings should be felt as ours. Humanity must dwell from his every step we take.

Solat is a Sunnat of our Prophet Mohammad ( Peace And Blessings Upon Him). Solat separates good from bad. It curse the devil. It increases our bounty. It purifies our heart and soul. It would light our grave.

Do offer your Solat before people offer your Solat
Mr. Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen various articles