Casualties On Highways

We are living in modern world where we find that every day new technologies are being invented but in spite of so many inventions we find that the graph of casualties on highways has gradually increased day by day. There are many reasons for frequent accidents on highways the common would be that many a times long route drivers are addicted with taking in wine as a measure of providing relax and comfort to their mind and in maximum cases we have found that the driver had been drunken so was the reason of casualty. Hence this can be avoided so one should leave the habit of drinking to have a safe driving. Remember we are not alone and have a beautiful family along with us so we have to think about them.

Another reason is that we do not have any control over our driving and we drive just as if it is a fun to drive on a highway. This is a wrong perception. We should not extend our speed more than thirty to forty kilometers per hour. As we do not have time and want to reach our destination as soon as possible and for such reasons we adopt rash driving by overtaking all the vehicles that come in our way and maximum casualties that take place on highway are the reason of overtaking and rash driving. If both the opposite vehicles have the same intention of overtaking each other than it may result in severe consequences. So one should give up the bad habit of overtaking each other, If you are a good racer than that is not the proper place to show your driving skill.

Another reason is that we tend to drive even that vehicle that is not physically fit for driving. We do not bother what would happen and just drive the vehicle which may gain us some earnings. Even those vehicles that are not suitable for driving runs fast on highways without caring about its results. We need to do servicing and through check up of vehicle from time to time. Not just drive the vehicle that lacks in terms of good conditions for driving that may be dangerous for us. Similarly while driving after every pause we ought to check manually some physical parts of the vehicles that they function properly or not. If such precaution is taken than naturally we would avoid some casualties.

Another big problem is driving at night. Maximum casualties occur at night. Because night is meant for sleeping and we enjoy driving till late night which is not good. Its human psychology that to some extent we can avoid sleeping but continuous waking at night and having one run drive is not possible at night. So one must understand that we should take a short sleep of five to six hours at the location suitable to us than afterward take a fresh bath and start our drive. At night when we feel drozy and cross and our tired body needs rest and sleep, but still if we continue driving than this may give rise to many ill happenings. So we should take the precautions at night and always use dipper light at night. Drive slowly and steadily. Do not go in for any competition or a race. Life is precious gift of God and should not be wasted in any casualty. So one must take care and may be possible that they avoid some casualties on highways. Our Government has built highways for our easy comfort and smooth driving and not for fun or amusement. Similarly the Government should also inspect the quality of roads from time to time and to build good quality of roads for ensuring smooth driving. People should also follow all the instructions given on board which are for the benefits of people.

Altogether we may say that we need to take care while driving any vehicle on road. Not to be forgotten that not all people on highway may be following all the principles of driving on highway. So we ought to be cautions from all points. Similarly every vehicle should have a safety medical kit and first aid box. At time of any minor to major casualties every vehicle should have a computerized generated message or a call to be given automatically to the nearby traffic stations. So that they may come in time to avoid any mishap. Safety should be our motto while driving our vehicle on any road.

When we depart happily from home than we should reach happily at home

May Allah Subhano Watala give us Hidayat for safe driving on roads and always to protect us while driving Ameen

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession