Show Real Picture Of Islam

Today many organizations and especially media are not showing the real and true picture if Islam. Islam is a religion of peace, harmony and brotherhood, but the way it is depicted on channels is totally against the principles of Islam. A Muslim man with Islamic attire with cap or a turban with a beard is mingle with the figure of anti social element or even terrorist. Even female are not spared wearing a veil are sometimes showed as to be associated with any banned organizations.

The reason for such defaming religion may be that they fear of its honesty, truthfulness and expansions. It teaches a complete code of leading a happy, prosperous, honest and true life. One can get its taste by experiencing it personally or publicly. The way Islam is shown on the screen that as if Islam has an ugly face of violence. Actually Islam does not permits violence in any form and one who does is against its teachings. If by mistaken any miscreant has done or found of any nuisance than the particular person is to be blamed and not the religion and no religion should be mingled with it for religion did not say a person to do anything that is not permitted. It may be his personal and religion has nothing to be blamed for it.

Islam does not allow harming to any living beings. People should always show its true face to speak out true facts in front of people. Mere just by showing that is not in the religion would just keep people in darkness hiding from truth. If one any doubts or questions than should come up to find out the answers, one should investigate any aspect related with Islam either formally or informally to reach the deepness of truth, many people who watch such things on screen also try believe in it without finding the facts or truth behind that episode. False acts may just create envy, frustrations, quarrels and series of unsolved questioning of suspicion.

Feel free and turn the pages of true history to find about Muslims freedom fighters who laid down their life as martyrs for the sake of their motherland. Even history has forgotten such people in history book. But true history cannot be denied or wiped out.

Show true picture of Islam which binds all humans in universal brotherhood. A religion which teaches and preaches to follow rights of all people and animals and things in the society and nation, a religion that teaches to love, care and safeguard the nation where we reside. A religion that teaches a complete package of code of better, happy and prosperous life full of honesty and pious nature. Feel it, experience it and get it.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession