Faulty Weights And Scales
Now a day's people be it a small or a big merchant or whoever is associated with weights and measurements tends to use faulty or defective weights with an intension to give less quantity of goods and gains full cost of amount for that products. They have not so ever fear of God whom they have to answer for such illegal work. From physical appearance they begin to depict that they are religious minded people and dress up in such a way to attract the audience for their business. On the contrary such people feel very proud for their bad work of using defective weights and giving fewer goods in the name of actual weights. They themselves consider that it is their skill and inborn talent to cheat the people, and if any one dares to speak against them as well as their work than they have well versed measures to tackle such situation by means of force and money. They go in for heated arguments and have full co-operation and full support from adjoining people and audience to roar and shout and create mess just because even they too have such instruments available with them and they would also give them moral support at their difficult times.

If a person intend to purchase one kilogram of any goods than very sad to say that a person would not get fully one kilogram of goods but would fell short by few and such tricks is being used throughout the market and for whole day as long as the sale of goods are available. They have not so ever fear nor of God and nor of humans. For time being they forget humans and cheat humanity that too in a posh way. But remember such type of earning has no blessings of God and that money earned by such false measures does not remain stable and goes away all the way. In order to curb such situation Government has appointed officers in the form of shop inspector. It is his or her responsibility to have a through time to time check up of goods fit for eating or using and also to inspect that the weights and scales used for measuring are up to the mark and perform and function according to the rules prescribed by the government.

They also apply a seal as a mark of authentication that they have passed the fitness test and are fit for using it. But all these procedures becomes meaningless when inspection officer is served with bribes either in the form of money or goods. So there is no checking and faulty weights are given new looking and put to use again in the name of authentication. Remember consumer is an innocent person and does not carry any measuring equipment with him to check every now and then whether given actual or less weights. So not to cheat anyone have fear of God who is watching you all the time be you do good or bad work.

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A teacher by profession