India ranks second in the world population and very soon we will be overcoming China in terms of growing population. On growing population is a blot on society it hinders our progress and blocks all the development projects.There are many drawbacks of on growing population. On growing population cannot fullfill the basic needs of human beings such as food, shelter and clothing. Lot of people remain poor they could not get proper food to eat and shelter for dwelling. Unemployment is one of the serious problems arised due to on growing population. Vacant seats are few and applicant are in large number. People remain jobless. Big cities like metros and cosmo cities are most affected by population. People migrate from villages to cities in search of job and jobs are easily available in big cities thus big cities are always over crowded.

Population also gives rise to slums people find difficult to satisfy their hunger lot of people remain foodless and waterless. Their is shortage and scarcity of water as well as food and shelter. Load shedding is one of the serious problem going on in many states in India. Population should be kept under control. Their should be general awareness program at mass level people should be educated on growing population. Media should play a vital role in educating people about growing population.Nations with growing population cannot progress because resources felt short to meet the growing population. Hence every person should think about the crises of on growing population and try to adopt certain measures to prevent the on growing population.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles