How Consumer Are Cheated?

Consumer is an innocent person and very often cheated by the shopkeeper or any businessmen. Its human tendency that we are very much formally or informally associated with purchasing of any products. The main reason for our situation of getting cheated is our ignorance that we fail to understand the evil methods of fraud businessman. The main reason is that we do not time to find a reason for peeping into such circumstances. We are in a hurry and often just come to a specific shop to buy our goods in hurry and haste and this is the reason that the shopkeeper misuses us with his tricks. For example a fruit seller who owns a temporary stall on either a cart or a lorry displays his fruits in such a way to have an attraction from the passerby.

When he purchases from the whole sale market the products is weighted along with good and spoiled fruits, but as he has paid for whole bags and that too for that fruit bag in which fruits were not visible to him be it good or bad. So he does not throw away the spoiled or rotten fruits and if some parts are damaged than he cuts and remove the damage part and keeps nice part of the cut fruits for display to attract the people and it acts like a sample for the people as a result we people fail to understand that the sample kept for display is a spoiled fruit. Then the display of fruit on the front side of the consumer side is often filled with nice good qualitative fruits the intention is to attract the audience. The middle portion has both types of fruits and the part nearer to the fruit seller is often hidden and filled with spoiled and rotten fruits and they have a nice trick to at least put one such fruit per consumer. Than one thing to be noted if the fruits are not tasty if they lack in sweetness than few fruits from other shop is brought and mixed in it and when the costumer comes he is given the taste of same sweet fruits and a sentence is spoken that all fruits are of same taste and poor consumer have to take all sour fruits in the name of sweet fruits. Similarly if fruits lacks colour than an artificial colour is injected with the help of syringe or injection to give colour to the fruits which is harmful for health and give artificial look of freshness and attraction to the fruit. The chemical used to ripe the fruits are also very harmful and often cause stomach disease. Assent and flavor is added to add more flavor to the fruits which is not a natural phenomena and harmful to health.

Sometimes the weights used by the merchants are also not authentic and prove good on faulty grounds. lastly the plastic bags in which the fruits are packed are knotted so tight that if the consumer tend to open the bag to see the fruits is not possible and feels shy to tear the plastic bag in front of the shopkeeper, so naturally he has to keep his bag and go away from there than the secrets is exposed at home when the bag is opened. This is how the consumer is cheated so be cautious when next time you purchase fruits.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles