HUMAN rights day is celebrated on 10th of December every year. It marks the adoption of universal Human Rights by United Nations General Assembly on 10th December 1948. It deals with issues related with humans all over the world. As we all know that humans are deprived of their rights around the globe. Many developing nations even have a written clauses in their constitution but it lacks on grounds of implementations. Humans especially the so called lower class is very often deprived of their rights. Even today we find human beings offended in terms of discriminations, torture, abuse, insult, status and so all.

The human charter for Human Rights was framed some 60 years ago but Islam teaches and preaches about Human Rights some 1400 plus years ago. Prophet Mohammad (PBHU) is the best of best example of it who implemented and showed us the basic principles of every human rights irrespective of caste or creeds. Prophet Mohammad (PBHU) had close ties and relationships with all types of people and now also we find people misleading people that Prophet Mohammad (PBHU) was only for Muslim. Almighty God has sent Him as a Blessings for whole humanity. Islam teaches us to be kind and polite not only with humans but also with plants and animals. They also have certain rights over us and it is mandatory for us to perform those rights. It lay emphasis on daily issues compromising of minor to major issues. Human beings has been termed as "Asraful Makhlukat" which means humans as the best of best species in all living beings. There is no difference between humans who created this universe. But we humans have fallen prey to this discrimination and divided the society into various groups.

Humanity has no religion helping humans at time of need urgency is a boon and would result in hundred percent good deeds in our side. Remember our help to the people should not be for name and fame. If this horrible advertisement comes in between than whole procedure becomes meaningless. Great people never show off but people make arrangement for their shows.

Liyakat Shah
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