Suicide Is Haram (Forbidden)
Suicide an inhuman way of ending precious life for once and all, due to mental agony it is an act that has polluted our society especially in India. Every day we come across news in media or newspaper about it. Today's generation when have some burden or mental tension for which they think it is the best solution to end our life to close the chapter. Actually it is a wrong misconception about that. One should not run away from any problem but be bold enough to face and solve it. Rather suicide does not solve the problem. But create more problems for family, relatives and people around them.

Life is a combination of joy and sorrow one has to live in both circumstances. Almighty God has kept a balance in life by giving two sides of life just as a coin. Every living being is associated with it be tolerant with it in all conditions.

Well in India there are two major reasons for committing suicide. The first and foremost is failure in love and another is frustration due to work. Now both crimes are closely related with younger generations. They are very short tempered and do not want to solve the problems by peaceful means and needs everything to be OK and all right very soon and thus becomes angry and frustrated and take such dangerous decision by choose the path of ending their life which is a very very bad. By doing so one does not solve the problem but creates more and more serious problems and leaves many questions to be answered by his family.

Love it is a symbol of true relationship of two identical souls and having such relationship prior marriage is a not a good sign. Literally it cannot be called a true love because it believes in illicit relationship which is far away from true and authentic love. Such type of illicit relationship often crosses the limits in the name of love and one has to repent after having it. But by the time they understand the boat had sailed the shore. So if one really loves anyone than should do justice by sending a marriage proposal to the concerned person. Thus this serious problem can be solved by peaceful means.

Second thing is that our younger generations are frustrated by burden of not getting proper work of their choice or tension of some other things it may happen with male or female. So we should keep cool as panic causes destruction. Face the situations by our all means. If one has to struggle in life than should be bold enough to face any odd situations. Remember after every hardship there is a relief. Unless and until one works hard could not achieve success.

Do not take suicide as an easy way to end life. It is Haram that is forbidden one cannot end his or her life. Life is not so cheap live it with happiness and joy there is happiness after every sorrow.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession