India is a democratic, socialist and secular nation. But the present scenario is changed and now people of India think more in terms of their religion, community and so on. The feeling of oneness, co-operation, togetherness and many more things are vanishing away. Well we can't blame anyone for this situation rather we ourselves are to be blamed for these happenings. Because today there are many people who misunderstand Islam, they think that Islam teaches or preaches violence in any form, but its not true. The factual scene of Islam is totally different from the people that provoked that Islam teaches or preaches for any kind of violence. On the contrary Islam teaches humanity, brotherhood, compassion, love and affection for all living and non-living things including plants, animals and human beings. Many people misinterpret it to sow the seeds of divisions in the society. It is since ages that people of India live together irrespective of caste and creed.

Many historical monuments, customs, traditions give us the clear example of our national integration. There is Unity in Diversity, which forms the base of our democracy. In spite of variation in food, customs and linguistic attitudes we are Indian. We should have respect, love and affection for all the religions preached and practised in India. Because every religion teaches good things, which is not a denying factor. Sports play a vital role in culminating national integration. Our teams of cricket, hockey and football have a bunch of different flowers or players irrespective of caste and creed. Though they are called by different names bust lastly they unite to form an Indian team, which gives spirit, zeal and boost their momentum to attain name and fame of our country and we feel proud of it. Hence every Indian should work whole heartedly for having a feeling of oneness and togetherness which would remove all obstacles from our prosperous and progressive path in all sectors of India.

India is a land of cultural heritage because various castes, which are practiced here. Hence no religion like Islam should be termed as religion that favours or appreciates terrorism in any form. If antisocial elements are disturbing the peace and order of our country then without any investigations or introspection name of Islam is dragged and attached with it, innocent people are targeted which proves mess for them and their families. Islam does not approve violence in any form even cutting down of green trees are not permitted in Islam. For handful of miscreant people we can't blame the whole religion for it. Lets us pray to almighty God to remove all misconceptions from the minds of our fellow brothers and sisters. Unless we all unite and stand shoulder to shoulder than only it would be true to say that "United we stand and divided we fall"

Mr. Liyakat Shah M.A.B.Ed

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles