India is the largest democracy in the world and many nations seeks practical tips and lessons from our nation. Holding of any grand elections either at center or at state compromising from local level of Gram Panchayat to Lok Sabha is really a challenging task. But many applauses to the team of Election Commission for smooth handling and conducting free and fair elections.

Elections come and go, politicians too come and go, but the slogan and demeanor of removing poverty remains the same. Just mere voice keeps on changing from time to time as it varies from people to people. They promise and convenience our innocent people that very soon this poverty would be eradicated in and out of their constituencies but those promises is wrapped in the bundle till the next elections. The recent hike of prices in market has broken the backbone of poor people. The prices has almost touched the highest level for the common man to suffer. The ongoing price rise is just like playing competition on our basic needs the things of our basic commodities which were available at ease has now become very high in terms of rates. Every minute things related with our basic amenities has all of sudden uproar to three or four times than its actual price.

However it is to be noted that the Parliament is not having any leisure time available to discuss on such acute problems of the people. How can a casual labour of earning hundred rupees satisty his family by feeding them from dawn to dusk. The market price is almost touching the sky for their benefits or what so ever why the common man has to bear it. Even people from middle class has to curtail on their spending of monthly expenditure to cope with their things. The most suffered class is the weaker section of the society that is the poor people who remain wailed or food-less. It is the duty of the respective government to take responsibility of such situation and take necessary steps to help the people.

Parliament spend crores of rupees for sessions and meetings, they invest crores of rupees for building shopping Malls, they spend crores of rupees for various works but what have they done for price rise and poor people. The word luxury are miles and miles away from we poor people. But still this poor people remain calm and cool and happy because they are free from worries and tension. But one thing is that such price rise would just defame the standard of our people, society and nation in particular. India which was once known as " Golden Bird " would now have a new slogan that Indian goods price rise high like Golden Bird.

Liyakat Shah BHUSAWAL

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession and loves to pen articles