Precautions Against Terrorist Events

We must take the following precautions to avoid any terrorist activity.
• Be alert and aware of the surrounding area. Terrorist never give you any warning before they strike.
• Learn about emergency exits and ways to vacate the premises immediately in case of terrorist attack.
• Try to keep yourself invisible from the eyes of terrorists if you are a celebrity or own an organization.
• Use efficient security force and physical security aids after properly screening the persons you appoint.
• Have a system to identify and track the movement of the people coming in and going out of the premises.
• Check the incoming vehicles in premises and designate the areas that need to be safe as restricted areas.
• Have the plan to fight an attack ready always be prepared to implement them in any emergency event.
• Report any suspicious object seen anywhere around immediately to the authorities without touching it.
• Do not touch any object or package that you find suspicious.
• Never accept the identification marks of package on its face value.
• Do not use two way radios or wireless equipments in the vicinity of a suspicious object or bomb.
• Do not use mobile phones near suspected bombs.
• Check all the visitors and their belongings thoroughly.
• Never allow any visitor or vehicle to enter an area that needs to be protected without through check up.
• Never leave any belongings, objects vehicles or places in any premise that must be safe, unattended.
• Never go in public places with too many unattended things and maintain safe distance from public transport.
• Do not allow the strangers to use lifts of important premises or park cars or any cabs near your premises.
• Put safety films on the glasses of your vehicles to avoid scattering of glass pieces in case of blast nearby.
• Maintain strict vigilance and checklist on daily basis.
• If anything suspicious is located nearby, immediately inform bomb disposal squad control room nearby.

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